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A train  :::: Wisdom Like Silence ::::: A random pot of melting thoughts.

Q train  :::I am::I am not:::: A foreigner wandering in life.

2 train  ::matty::: kinda like a gay gawker

F train  ::nycpinoy: my daily thoughts...

L train  ;0: Jammed printers, bitchy bosses and lousy coffee - just like real life. But funnier.

7 train  -;-indecisiveness-;-: just me and my thoughts..

E train  [ - pervboi - ]: ...pondering the complexities of the mortal coil

E train  [ - pervboi -]: lame ramblings...

R train  [ random musings ]: my thoughts on what happens to me and what i do about it, from today's collegiate male perspective.

1 train  [[ j4r3d ]]: entertainment news // life news

7 train  [[ NahLGaE - ~FLy~ ]]: my personal blog. just filled wit my personal thought, rants, etc. check it out..

6 train  [24 Hours to Live]: Manhattan madness. Adventures in music, movies, drinking, museums, sports, news , pics, liverpool fc, soccer, football, giants, reading, restaurants, photos, politics. I Love NY!

W train  [b][e][c][k][i][z][m]: this is mostly filled with my random rants about my day, dislikes, likes, people in general, and of course, myself. Pictures, polls, and quizzes are also here.

R train  [flashpoints]: Chronicles of another New York, simply lived.

W train  [im a nurse]: what are you?

E train  [PL] New York BLOG: Well... This blog is in Polish, so hopefully someone will understand it ;-P

F train  [viz] what i mean what i say: what it says to mean something without ever meaning to say it.

R train  [words]: life, musings and other stories

W train  _!: 16 year old loser with nothing but a cam and a site to keep herself occupied

F train  __john: just my simple journal and small art gallery where i talk about my boring life

6 train  _object.session: underscore object period session

G train  { a burst of light }: Randomness from Planet Brooklyn! | Beware the Brooklyn Beatdown, Yo!

L train  {-- Lame Scrawl --}: It's just another stupid blog. There's a lot of whining and tedium and pictures occaisionally puntuated with what possibly constitutes humor. Results may vary.

1 train  | record/head :: on my signal |: A New York City rock band blog. No wait, THE New York City rock band blog.

M train  |Shrued: A day in the life through imagery.

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