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N train  !! omg blog !!: News, hijinks, and exciting FUN! OMG!

1 train  !mcvarm@z: Life as a college student in New York City, as a female engineer at an ivy league, as a Greek-American, as a Gackt and Japanese rock fan, as an aspiring artist, as an aspiring computer scientist, and as a human being.

C train  "and i quote": Favorite quotes of silliness and substance...

G train  "Nothing can kill a show like too much expositon...": Adventures in editing genre fiction, hobnobbing with comix stars, theatregoing, concertgoing, and geek pride.

7 train  "Pleasantly Nihilistic...": Transplanted Hong Konger comes of age in Corona's valley of ashes, currently doing battle between the Ivy walls. Self-conscious, self-contradictory, with a dash of secularist conscience... Read it as it happens.

F train  # WhAt I have Sh0Wn YoU iS ReaLiTty # # WhAt y0u ReMeMbEr... tHaT iS tHe iLLuSioN #: Individuality, never follow the crowd.

F train  #/usr/bin/guy: Confessions of a computer engineer.

F train  (*subplot): became briefly omnipotent; used this power to get drunk and flirt with uninterested women

C train  (_flaming_june_): y'all come back now, y'hear?

L train  (a haven): words.

F train  (A Superhero Named) Tony: Film Criticism & Writing & Music & Stuff

C train  (enclosed in parentheses): Regular random ramblings of an aspiring writer, fearless critic, and aggregator of code-fu.

E train  (insert witty title): Friends, Student, Geek and but still a geek

F train  (o) (o)'s livejournal: Photographer, traveler, & writer. Gentle- hearted person looking for the good in everything. On a daily quest for her purpose on this sphere.

F train  (The Discreet Confessions of) Douglas T. Allbright: Comedy and comedy related diseases.

N train  (this is) World of Noise: East Coast Satellite of (this is) World of Noise : friends chit-chat about music and politics.

2 train  **BaByCocoNutz ThoUghtz**: mind...

6 train  *~september.raingirl~*: ..blogging is a cheap substitute for a psychiatrist.. or is it the other way around? ~

2 train  *Bengali in Platforms*: rantings and ravings of a random student

6 train  *open book*: crazy ramblings from a crazy girl! =D

D train  *Orthodox_Christian*: Daily readings and excerpts from the Early and modern Fathers of the Church.

1 train  *Pixelcharmer: Random observations about design, information science and NYC.

L train  *poison *candy: megaminipencam+nycstreets=photoblog

1 train  *when bloggy met allie*: inane ramblings of a teenage girl just trying to get through it all.

D train  ,,.`.,,My sheltered world,,.`.,: Random thoughts about my lil world.

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