Astoria / Broadway / West End Express

Astoria-Ditmars Boulevard | 63 NYCB

Under Exposed: Photographs from NYC and my life

Fatness 2 Fitness: Getting in shape by any means, although Krav Maga is the preferred method, in the Big Apple we all call home

In the Studio: Living in NYC with roommates.

iconoclast: Far Left Liberal Wannabe Activist - Reform the Democratic Party

It's all the streets you crossed not so long ago: Tales of New York City rock & roll landmarks, most of 'em long gone--compiled by a Queens native now living in Toronto.

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Astoria Boulevard | 27 NYCB

I'm Not Obsessed!: Celebrity Gossip and Pop Culture News

Somethink to Chew On: It's a Food Blog, and a Science Blog, and a New York City blog, all in one!

Tomorrow's Toilet Paper Today: I update this when ancestral spirits seize me by the shorthairs to make something of my life. As my family is pretty shattered and scattered, this is rare.

Gud Stuf NYC: all gud things in the hood...well that i think are gud anyway!

my art collection: sometimes its photography, sometimes its paintings, drawings or prints or sculptures. sometimes its naked sometimes its crying. sometimes silly or drunk and sometimes regretfully sober. always criminally lucky and amazingly disturbing. my life.

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30 Avenue | 42 NYCB

Just Braise: Lots of braising and general culinary happenings of a Chicago-born Queen's girl.

This is all your fault: a poetry blog, with updates about readings and publishing opportunities for all.

Lobster Optometrist: A personal, handwritten journal transcribed on-line. Topics include: Friends, dating, humanity, and the never-ending search for that elusive thing called a social life

neoknits: knitting and designing in new york city

The MothaB Show: It's all about women and how they work... and some other stuff too.

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Broadway | 45 NYCB

So I Like Superman: Comic books, sketch comedy, and gay sex. Or, as I like to call it, the holy trinity.

The Renaissance Man: Views on the world and arts

the girl next door: souvenirs from my post post-adolescent stupor

Pitcure of a Photograph: The insane rambings, essays and commentaries of a NYC born and bred filmmaker.

Entropecia: Princess Random Thoughts

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36 Avenue | 14 NYCB

ramble on: Transplanted geologist, formerly of PA, IL and OH tries to teach Earth Science to NYC public school kids. Wish me luck.

aLOUD: personal musings and more of an aquarian aspiring to a great writing career

Double-Tongued Word Wrester: A growing dictionary of old and new words from the fringes of English.

sour persimmons: Notes on Urban Anthropology (ie. life in NYC)

Lost in Queens: Rants, Stories, Twaddle

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39 Avenue | 4 NYCB A site dedicated to photographs taken mostly in New York City.

Artichoke Lab: artichoke lab from astoria queens, opening this small space...

modulo26: an online serial dedicated to entertaining and informing the read masses. Visual art, dialectic buddhism, the physical city, so on and so forth. REVELATOR.ORG features blog-type essays on artists, teachers, etc. who seem to skillfully navigate ultimate and mundane; extensive ART and DHARMA links, random-wise quotes & spooky photos.

Queensboro Plaza | 5 NYCB

Rocka Online: A day in the life of a kool, new york transplant.

Rocka Online: An online account of my offline life.

Not0rious.Org: A blog of a teenage girl trying to survive life.

Sissy Diary: Adventures in existence.

P r e c i 0 u s 2 y a: diary of a cute chick from queens :)

59 Street | 26 NYCB

Simply Left Behind: Liberal politics and snarkasm

Irie Member: All things reggae, hip-hop music, herbalz, Jamaica and random thoughts & consequences of daily life. Yea.

Post Collegiate Ponderings: Post collegiate life in the big city.

Kali's Temple of Doom: The mad, mad rantings of a Brooklyn woman, looking for redemption in all the wrong places -- plus recipes, reading, arts and culture, travel and ocassional obsessions masquerading as social commentary...

my favorite mistakes: life, love, and leftovers

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5 Avenue - 59 Street | 4 NYCB

Tomato Diaries: Life in NYC - I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

Offshore Outsourcing: This blog is all about offshore outsourcing.

C0m_Bat_Rac_Coon: A blog about the occupation of Iraq and oil.

Lee Potcher's Daily OVERTIME Weblog: My (hopefully) daily writings about life, love, movies, tvandmy band, OVERTIME!

57 Street | 18 NYCB

Pulp Sushi: Talking trash like it's going out of style! News, Movies, Music, Politics, Your Mom...that's right, she's here.

It Should Be Noted: Entertainment, politics, and rants.

Hot Sauce Blog: The HSB is a one stop location for reviews, news, recipes & anything else related to hot sauce and spicy foods.

Amish In The City: A comedic outlook on my life in NYC.

Snapshot Artifact: A photoblog journal of my everyday life in the city.

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49 Street | 11 NYCB

Jimbo Eats New York: How to eat lunch in midtown for under $5. A common sense guide for the cheap and lazy.

Letters from NYC: A continual dialogue with friends, those who died on 9/11, and some new ones that come along the way since then.

Ivan Lenin: No facts, no logic, just personal attacks. Music, burlesque, right-wing rants.

lesser's: moblog : Things and foods around me.

ZionBlog: opinions, articles, information and links concerning Israel

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Times Square - 42 Street | 49 NYCB

big fat chinese wedding: A blog to record what is supposed to be a memorable (and hopefully fun) time in my life; to share with the world the seemingly odd customs, processes, trials and whatever else, that is known to many Chinese brides (and what I believe to be especially unique to Chinese American ones); to spread any wisdom that I may gain from planning a crazy shindig; and at the very least, to vent. In other words, all the reasons why a sane person would elope.

UrbanUniverse.TV Multimedia Forum: Experience, first-hand, the hottest trends worldwide. Share multimedia thoughts, ideas and opinions on Urban life, free video uploads you can post in your blog too.

Did You Know?: An informative site with content that provides interesting facts to know, learn and/or ponder about, at a level of coverage that is extensive in all subject areas to reach a wide audience.

The Agency Blog: A fun and random view into life at an interactive agency based in Dallas with an office in Times Square.

Steeplechaser: Blogging Eddie Steeples, the actor/rapper/artist best known (so far) as OfficeMax's Rubberband Man.

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34 Street - Herald Square | 14 NYCB

While you were out...: Your secretary telling on you and the rest of the executives.

Under the Skyscraper: Comments on urban planning, architecture and city life in New York, Toronto and more.

girlspoke: girlspoke...this is no joke.

Kevin McCullough: Daily live blogging on life, pop culture, and politics on New York, the Tri-State area, and the Nation. Also heard on WMCA 570/970 AM weekdays 1-4pm.

Rampant Reviews: My personal reviews (and pictures) of eateries around the City

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14 Street - Union Square | 120 NYCB

WebMachiavelli: Just a daily jumble that is my life. Not to mention the name dropping and adventures of a bartender on the edge.

Brand Noise: A blog about brands and the evolution of advertising.

COACD: confessions of a casting director, models, gossip, gay and more

The Way Things Are: personal blog and pop culture news

girlbomb: A feminist writer volunteers at the shelter where she used to live; also reviews books, rants, dotes on her cats, and occasionally acknowledges things like global politics and reality TV.

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Canal Street | 7 NYCB

FooDoggery and Bloggery: Due to mass consumption, making local stops: sketch comedy, steak and all points in between.

slave number 847-39848-2.: Art/love/green tea.

i wonder: i think i wonder more than most normal people, but less than the really weird ones.

sitebits: Personal note/sketch-book

Mr Hipster Travels NYC blah blah blog: Keeping track of whatever band I happen to be catching tonight, along with whining, dining, and pining. Guest starring the east village and williamsburg

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Pacific Street | 15 NYCB

BlogNYC: NYC news, gossip and politics served up daily.

Visual Resistance: features political art and innovative projects aimed at raising awareness of urgent social issues through visual media. We aim to explore the spaces where art and activism interact and help develop a visual language for political action.

James Poling: internet celebrity: Sarcasm

Life Among Yankees: A little liberal Texas girl graduates from her ridiculously conservative Baptist school and moves to the big city... and is quite amused.

Miles From Fenway: How this sox fan lives her life 217.7 miles from Fenway Park.

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36 Street | 3 NYCB

Not Philip. Glass. Glass. Not Glass. Philip Not. Glass Glass Glass.: I hope to be something someday.

Alek Traunic's journal: life, love, hate, pain, art, and madness

Project Me!: stalking, goodies, obsessing and rambling

9 Avenue | 1 NYCB

Head Trauma: observation, regurgitation, speculation

Fort Hamilton Parkway | 3 NYCB

deanpence: A Texas transplant to NYC and current Brooklyn resident gives everyone the what-for. global politics. foreign affairs. international issues.

aprilmorning: love, fear and marlboros

50 Street | 0 NYCB

55 Street | 1 NYCB

our lil' group has always been and always will un: remember when it was the B train? the breaking point of childhood? ice cream trucks, and lights gone out? it's still 3 avenues away from the place that will always be called home.

62 Street | 0 NYCB

71 Street | 5 NYCB

tyger's lair: crazy kitten and the people who love her.

tyger's pensieve: a day in a life of a new york city tyger

Squid Squib: Remarkably unremarkable, perdictably infrequent journal by JavaSquid

Blah: My pathetic life

[b][e][c][k][i][z][m]: this is mostly filled with my random rants about my day, dislikes, likes, people in general, and of course, myself. Pictures, polls, and quizzes are also here.

79 Street | 5 NYCB

|Shrued: A day in the life through imagery.

the shrewdness of apes: everyone should get paid to do something they love. that's why i do this at work.

Treocam by Bill K.: Photos with the Treo 600 camera.

the shifting places: shifting again...

Serenity: Dolly's blog ;]

18 Avenue | 8 NYCB

Vinny's New Utrecht: A blog from someone in Bensonhurst/New Utrecht, Broolyn.

Booya College: Pointing out the world's stupidity. I'm a strange girl with strange thoughts and do strange things.

Karen's Shorts: You'll have to get back to me on that one.

silent bliss: your more-or-less average blog about a more-or-less average brooklyn tech student just trying to make it through the day =)

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20 Avenue | 6 NYCB

SubwayRider: I ride the trains. Every day. This is what I see.

hard glitter on radio tubes: digital junk, indie rock & self deprecation. aw yea.

Fine Hypertext Products: David's blog. =]

blogR!: Microcosmic revolution brewed fresh daily by a 20-something who alternates between vegetating and bike riding in Bensonhurst.

ROCKERiNA: not your typical nyc rocker...

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Bay Parkway | 7 NYCB

Cooking and Knitting: Knitting blog

English Used Here: I saved Latin. What did you do?


bynx's bastard master: the world thru the eye of a sagittarian

a n n a l o v e * <33: my xanGa =D

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25 Avenue | 2 NYCB

Ataraxia: My daily ramblings..

asd livejournal: daily babblings

Bay 50 Street | 5 NYCB

I think I want to become a comedian.: Humorous thoughts and observations from the mind of a 21 year old guy from Brooklyn who recently came to the conclusion that he might want to become a standup comedian/comedy writer.

tequila N coffee: The ramblings and musings of someone living way out there.

Pictorial Evidence of Chaos: Useless and meaningless ramblings.

my livejournal: just my incoherent ramblings from day to day. nothing overly interesting, quite frankly.

Longtooth: NYC Based photographer on a liquid diet.

Coney Island - Stillwell Avenue | 6 NYCB

xing's xanga: i <3 ny

Go Get'em Tiger: Party the baby off.

34: Interested in sophisticated fun?

Essence: I write my personal thoughts hear, don't worry, I'm just really confuzed.

Forever Never: it's amazing.... lots of colors and

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