Queens Boulevard / 6 Avenue Local

Forest Hills, 71 Avenue | 52 NYCB

A Pile of Dog Bones: This is a personal journal... bits and pieces of life... that just pile up to form this old dog's bones...

david.dot.com: where technooogy, food, music and wine intersect

Subterranian Thoughts: Thoughts from an angry lonely NYC man, obsessed with trains

being a bastard works...: ...because it does

Mommy Drinks So What: Rants about conversations overheard and probably misunderstood, oh and Lessons learned from friends, time and mistakes.

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67 Avenue | 13 NYCB

Confessions on a Weblog: Formerly of Apt3E, the self-mocking and admitted Passions fan Steven releases his sophomore effort, Confessions On A Weblog. Confess your secrets to me. I won't judge.

LittleJudy.com: My Madcap Adventures in the Big City, plus Random Riffs on Pop Culture

Synthetic Life: Random acts of thought from a born and raised New Yorker.

fly girl: A diary of my life and thoughts powered by LiveJournal.

Cyber Chocolate: Thoughts on TV, comics, books and reading, science fiction, sports, and anything else that catches my attention.

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63 Drive - Rego Park | 17 NYCB

greentruth: puertorican girls dirty secrets

Literary Kicks: LitKicks is about literature, poetry, fiction, spoken word and postmodernism.

geisha: Written in Russian, a mixture of my personal life and current "hot topics" in politics and society

justanotherthought: Random thoughts on movies, sports, economics, politics and many other things.

base10blog: A Curious Mix of Politics, Law Enforcement, the Economy, Sports and Anything Else.

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Woodhaven Boulevard | 9 NYCB

Screwballs!: Covering the amusing craziness and controversy in Major League Baseball.

savetheroaches.com: Whatever is going on in my life.

Generation Why?: Ruminations, Ramblings, Rants, Poetry, and Me in NYC

What can I get you?: Random musings on the life of a professional hospitality student, ex-engineer and culinary school graduate.

i hope i dont burst yours: girl raised in ny relocates to dc and explores the world around her.

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Grand Avenue - Newtown | 9 NYCB

glin007's World: The coming and going of my life in the Big Apple.

the making of americans: dedicated to the fair and far flung sentences of Gerty Stein the most beautiful things you've ever seen ever seen ever seen

Ink Stain: Putting thoughts into words through the internet into your mind.

Today's Headlines: Just an ordinary fellow's life.

DaveBGimp: A personal site for an occasionally confusing but anatomically correct graphic and web designer, living in New York City.

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Elmhurst Avenue | 5 NYCB

el poeta multimedia: Poetry+art

Jenbo: It's a blog.

[flashpoints]: Chronicles of another New York, simply lived.

Dontsaynothin: The only place where there are 3 major chinese supermarkets within 3 minutes.

leftoverthoughts: random thoughts, pop culture, sports, horror movies, political activism, indie flicks, punk rock, etc

Jackson Heights - Roosevelt Avenue | 16 NYCB

Play Rey Play: The musings of a Filipino-American playwright/media junkie.

Babbleando: Thoughts of a Latino gay dude in Nueva York

Democrats.com: Fighting for Truth, Justice, and the American Way

jackson heights, nyc: neighborhood news

Weird Topics: Korean Blog filled with world wide weird and funny topics

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65 Street | 1 NYCB

Happy Landfill: A chronicle of my misadventures. Or lack of misadventures.

Northern Boulevard | 5 NYCB

My Blah, Blah, Blahg: a little bit of ranting; a little bit of raving; and whole load of blah blah blah.

My Blah, Blah, Blahg: a little bit of ranting; a little bit of raving; and whole load of blah blah blah.

harley51185: The daily rantings of my mind on a non daily basis.

senseless... v34: personal weblog with a guide to NY fashion bargains & sample sales

Purely Bohemian :: Temporary Site: Just a really boring place where I post test results and happenings during the day. It won't be up much longer, but I've still decided to join this.

46 Street | 20 NYCB

The Monkey Lab: My original blog was "Black and Blue" on the 46th street stop, but I've changed the URL and I've since changed the look, although the content is exactly the same. Thanks!

A Yoopers Thoughts: Funny Stuff or whatever I happen to be thinkin' about

Black and Blue: Humurous musings in geek tech, gizmos, dating, and my other hobbies.

Orlando Gonzalez Programming: SQL Server, Access and Excel VBA Programming Tips and Tricks.

Sometimes It's OK: I'm a 25-year old Korean-Jew (seriously), live in a self-inflicted Ikea jungle and often wonder why New Yorkers can't be nicer to each other.

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Steinway Street | 17 NYCB

jessespector.com: A lot of sports... and other observations, plus pictures.

beXnlog: the beans, a food blog

view from the stacks: personal blog of library student who lives in astoria, ny

Nominal Me: Here, I'll write about politics, sports, religion, and other things we all agree on.

Velleity NYC: Rants and musings of another gay New Yorker

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36 Street | 4 NYCB

Sick Day: basically just about a short film that I wrote and this is in post production and stuff that relates to it.

Rewind + Quicksand: the chronicles of a cajun in the big city.

Rewind + Quicksand: the chronicles of a law-school bound stalkee.

blackgirlgenius: live journal, black, girl, genius, flux factory, art, film, theory, life

Queens Plaza | 5 NYCB

Von Aurum's Being-in-the-World Weblog: Thoughts on life, value, events, culture, world and religion; things of relevence to being-in-the-world.

Newsboyphil: A view of the world from the eyes of a Jamaican. Politics , World, International news, Global change, Human Rights.

SANCHIGUARRO: My eggs are exploting full of love cause the promotors don´t give me my home and I cant love my girl: Vero.

cricketschatter: Well, i'm from long island but queens plaza would be the closest

The Trash Whore Diaries: MILFs, lesbians & chicken fried rice: The confessions of a 21-year-old punk kid.

23 Street - Ely Avenue | 6 NYCB

Ampersandrew: Things.

Ampersandrew: Things.

Drownout News: Amol Sarva 's philosophy, consulting, LIC, NYC, and wirelessness blog.

A N O M A L Y: The Randomness just got Upgraded...

Tanaka: Something (txt, jpg, mov) and nothing (AFK, something better to do) from a Dutch reporter in LIC.

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Lexington Avenue - 53 Street | 12 NYCB

YN5 The Misadventures of E. Lee in New York City: I am E. Lee Soral. I live in Manhattan and work at the United Nations. I try to post new stories, theories, rants or opinions daily. Most of these pieces involve true things that happen around me because, well, basically, I am a lout in an interesting setting.

Lunch: Join Feldman and Dubin for Lunch as they serve up a healthy dose of hilarity and fun.

A Garnet Story: I've tried going without blogging. Even so far as deleting 2 blogs... but me blogging is inevitable. There's something cathartic about it. I can express myself in words in a way that my vocal chords won't allow... without shame or guilt... until I push the publish button. But even that doesn't stop me. It's true, there are some topics that I wish I could write about but the courage is not there.

wandering along the road less traveled...: everyone has a story to tell... and this is mine... the good, the bad, the boring and the downright nasty... whether the stories you are about to read are fiction or actually about me, that's for you to differentiate...

so many shoes... only two feet...: random thoughts of a semi-normal girl... working a semi-normal job... living a semi-normal life...

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5 Avenue - 53 Street | 6 NYCB

Tu Pirix: 100% Yucaterco

Likelihood of Confusion: The focus of the blog is legal developments related to our specialties, including media, blogging and free speech.

Fool's Blog: Musings on hypocrisy, law, politics, inanity, stupidity and beyond . . . It’s eclectic

Damned Indecision and Cursed Pride: Daily chronicles of my life.

Beyond VC: A venture capitalist's viewpoint on technology, the markets, and life in a connected world...

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47-50 Streets - Rockefeller Center | 25 NYCB

unfaithful in nyc: cheating, infidelity, and being generally adulterous in manhattan

otimaster: This blog is dedicated to the memory of all the victims of the intégrisme Muslim, than their sacrifice it does not come forgotten

Robinik: Only 3 words: God Bless America.

Mona's Apple: A NYC restaurant blog. A detailed guide to restaurants in and around the city.

Opinionistas: The bell jar observations of a reluctant junior associate in a Manhattan Law Firm

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42 Street - Bryant Park | 8 NYCB

NRC Handelsblad: New York: Blog by the New York-correspondent for the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad.

Amit Gupta's Blog: A personal blog on marketing and technology.

House 2.0: Amit, Isuru, Aileen, Luke, and Kaily live together near Bryant Park in NYC. This is their blog.

The unknown Naughty Girl: This blog is to share my secret life.... a little bit of "What the fuck?!" mixed with "God that's hot".

The Coolest Girl Ever: I'm a hilarious and awesome girl, and this is my blog. The End. Yay.

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34 Street - Herald Square | 14 NYCB

While you were out...: Your secretary telling on you and the rest of the executives.

Under the Skyscraper: Comments on urban planning, architecture and city life in New York, Toronto and more.

girlspoke: girlspoke...this is no joke.

Kevin McCullough: Daily live blogging on life, pop culture, and politics on New York, the Tri-State area, and the Nation. Also heard on WMCA 570/970 AM weekdays 1-4pm.

Rampant Reviews: My personal reviews (and pictures) of eateries around the City

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23 Street | 12 NYCB

Moment Magnitude: Stories of a forty-something living single in her hometown.

Songlian: Blogging from Boston to the UK and now NYC. I reside in Jersey City but my mail and my life are in NYC.

Sky Writing: Re-started my blog after Katrina because it's obvious we all have to speak up now.

tripaway2day -- why today?: This Orlando gay boy wants to move to NYC. Why not?

Brandon Gerena - creative talent: rantings of a NYC art director, college instructor and loving husband.

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14 Street | 18 NYCB

threenewyorkwomen: What do a former reality TV star, a hard rockin' journalist, and a soon-famous actress all have in common? They all share a love affair with Manhattan and collectively write for this blog. Enjoy the unique perspectives of these Three New York Women.

Alane By Day: Alane By Day is the real-time, step-by-step story of starting an architecture business

HIP HOP REPUBLICAN: Hip Hop Republican, Blog was created to help arm the liberty-loving silent majority with ammo -- ammo that strikes at the intellectual solar plexus of the Left.

Knit Powers to Peace!: Mostly about my knitting creations. Currently relocated to Arizona.

lori victoria braun, a bodybuilding blog: Lori Victoria Braun is the founder and owner of Femalemuscle.com, the largest bodybuilding site on the Internet measured by content, viewers, and page views.

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West 4 Street | 76 NYCB

The Bittersweet Apple: NYC is a wonderful city. It's also a place where you see men peeing in the street.

theworldisaGhetto: Urban hip hop Literature,by a published writer who teaches workshops to adults and teens.A recipient of a Natl.Endowments of the Arts.And in the Screen Actors Guild.

Wrong ways: Thinking against the traffic.

BEYOND VISUAL RANGE: In the Pentagon's terminology, Beyond Visual Range refers to the guidance system of an air-to-air missile, which allows it to see and understand targets that are beyond the distance that a pilot can view. For this blog, Beyond Visual Range refers to aspects of the Pentagon's wars that are beyond what the American people are allowed to see or understand in the corporate controlled mainstream media.

It's The New, Baby: Food, poker, and general miscellany of NYC

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Broadway-Lafayette Street | 15 NYCB

A Gay Man's Journey: Life in New York - A gay man's diary My personal entries on life in New York, nothing more, nothing less

DJME Podcast: Music from a live DJ in NYC. The soundz consist of dance, hip-hop, 80's, rock, and more.

PSFK Trend: PSFK is a collaborative trend spotting blog

AJL: thoughts, finds, self-promotion, lengthy hiatuses

oriana: ramblings

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Lower East Side - 2 Avenue | 117 NYCB

The Discreet Confessions of Douglas T. Allbright: Daily selections from the transcribed audiotapes of missing person Douglas T. Allbright.

MariaPia: European journalist in New York and East Village aficionada. French and english entries.

ScorchedHotTub: broad characterizations/tangential rants/scene work/contrasting lists...breathe while reading.

l-e-mental: essential & fundamental reading for savvy, cultured NYLONers interested in cutting edge developments in design, architecture & branding.

being and everythingness: sexual exploits and corresponding analyses by a precocious and adorable 23 year old girl

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