Grand Street | 4 NYCB

chinoistown: musings on locales far and near: the texture of new york from the vantage of chinatown

melancholia: Rantings of an NYC Student

Equatorial: around the world, adjectivally and via tuvalu

drat fink: exposing my own ignorance and (hopefully)everyone elses while leaving a trail of cultural flotsam and jetsam in the gutter along with the gutted fish entrails from the chinese market on the corner.

Broadway-Lafayette Street | 15 NYCB

A Gay Man's Journey: Life in New York - A gay man's diary My personal entries on life in New York, nothing more, nothing less

DJME Podcast: Music from a live DJ in NYC. The soundz consist of dance, hip-hop, 80's, rock, and more.

PSFK Trend: PSFK is a collaborative trend spotting blog

AJL: thoughts, finds, self-promotion, lengthy hiatuses

oriana: ramblings

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West 4 Street | 76 NYCB

The Bittersweet Apple: NYC is a wonderful city. It's also a place where you see men peeing in the street.

theworldisaGhetto: Urban hip hop Literature,by a published writer who teaches workshops to adults and teens.A recipient of a Natl.Endowments of the Arts.And in the Screen Actors Guild.

Wrong ways: Thinking against the traffic.

BEYOND VISUAL RANGE: In the Pentagon's terminology, Beyond Visual Range refers to the guidance system of an air-to-air missile, which allows it to see and understand targets that are beyond the distance that a pilot can view. For this blog, Beyond Visual Range refers to aspects of the Pentagon's wars that are beyond what the American people are allowed to see or understand in the corporate controlled mainstream media.

It's The New, Baby: Food, poker, and general miscellany of NYC

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Franklin Avenue | 10 NYCB

Brooklyn Stories: A photo and story blog, this is a place to share love and memories of Brooklyn or just say hello. Featuring photography by Kit Kaplan and 718 Brooklyn

zinnian: adventures: the goings on of a music addicted, new york city living, sex seeking (that is all there is ny, right?), homo

La Negrita's Life: Latina Lesbian in BK

La Negrita's Life: My crazy world! Locita Latina

weightless 2005: my patience is thin & my ass is thick. time to get down to business & reshape my life and body. c'mon in cuz i ain't afraid to sweat.

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Park Place | 3 NYCB

planetCH.COM: A brief, fleeting glimpse into life on my planet.

Shockster: Long hours at work breed a restless mind.

planetCH.COM: A fleeting, horrifying glimpse into life on my planet.

Botanic Garden | 0 NYCB

Prospect Park | 10 NYCB

across the park: of, for and by prospect lefferts gardens

the size of a snail: taking a brief look at the horrors called 'my life'...

aDogBlog: A dog's life on Chickenbone Alley.

Brooklyen Year Baseball: The Brooklyn Dodgers, '51-'57; Their golden year, their Zeitgeist; the yens of baby boomers and their beloved generations; business; North Carolina's Appalachian Foothills; and other things majorily showing up on the horizon locally.

BKLN BLGGNG: Undefined, yet free form.

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