Nassau Street Local

Middle Village - Metropolitan Avenue | 2 NYCB

Through A Dog's Eye: The view of the world through the eyes (and lens) of the NYCWatchdog

Ecchiness: Haha what can I say other than this is a bloggie about my freaking messed up life!!

Fresh Pond Road | 6 NYCB

Questionable Knitting: I share my knitting & reading, and whatever else I feel like

Thirty Stories Up: Blogging about my StudentNYC Wiki from Ridgewood, NY.

LadeePiXiE: Roots

mentally ill hil: the wacky world of the elusive GermanMongoose

work in progress.: someone needed to represent fresh pond road.

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Forest Avenue | 7 NYCB

Coleman O'Toole: I left a majority of my friends in the midwest. I have family all over. I can tell them stories without e-mailing every individual.

Anthony's Journal: It's just a lil peek into the person that is me... i update it every so often... not daily... sometimes not weekly...

Superrboi: The life of a NYC Dj

Actionsuperhero Cares: It's all about me, me, me. It represents what I'm thinking now... not my thoughts in general. Have fun, but don't get pissed!!

Ranters' Network: Revealing the wrongs of the world and insulting those responsible for them.

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Seneca Avenue | 4 NYCB

Miss Adorkable: A unique chinese girl going through her confusing life...

Imperfections: Welcome to my blog. Includes games, lyrics, and reads. Updated frequently.

BabyGrL_242: The life of a Chinese girl going through her teenage years.

More Yak...Less Filling: mix 4 parts blog + 2 parts weird sh*t + 1 part off-color comic strips. Heat and serve with crackers.

Wyckoff Avenue | 1 NYCB

The Lily Field Review: Mostly political musings.

Knickerbocker Avenue | 1 NYCB

NY un día a la vez: How a young writer enjoys New York every day

Central Avenue | 0 NYCB

Myrtle Avenue | 7 NYCB

Indistry: music, movies, wine The adventures of transplanted Midwestern girl and her cats

El Oso, El Moreno, and El Abogado: Three writers representing San Diego, Brooklyn, and DC. All with one objective: DESTROY! ~a hopeless romantic new york city girlie~

juanmapu: un blog en Español, de stuff, futbol y America

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Flushing Avenue | 2 NYCB

fauxy dot net: still trying to figure out what the crap i'm doing here.

jcolter K5 diary: posted by my diary

Lorimer Street | 6 NYCB

Citizen Truth: It is what it is. Not a diary.

samantha: your logic is flawless.

wolfknuckles: if you don't know me, this isn't interesting.

that's all there is and there is no more: just my daily ramblings

Iraq Journal: Posts from Iraq.

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Hewes Street | 4 NYCB

punk rock socialite: I go out way too much. I post when I get home...Drunk at 3 a.m.

The Hillbilly Apostate: I am one mean, drunk hillbilly.

lars reilly dot org: General, polictics, leftism, activism, fiction, music, commentary, science, space, love

electric honey: the best blog on hewes street . . . so far the only blog on hewes street.

Marcy Avenue | 11 NYCB

Mimi in NY: english motherfucking white bitch writing and pissing off the religious right in New York

emdashes: Although it's by, for and about admitted addicts of the New Yorker magazine, emdashes has no limits. Read it daily for critical thoughts on media, film, books, carnal urges, and, of course, the New Yorker.

rockstar diary: pictures and notes taken from what I do in my spare time

PoliWho: NYC politics

newyork or: transplant from texas to new york. i'm a moving addict, always in transition. i'm a girl comic book and word nerd.

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Essex Street | 3 NYCB

New York Stories: German Expat living in the LES, writing about what he sees in and feels about New York

Everything is wrong with me.: 24, bipolar, and hungry.

Jack Rusher: A personal site.

Bowery | 4 NYCB

KIIMTHEW: These days, mostly babies

The Black Table: We're a web magazine, updated daily, trying to cause trouble but still get along and go along. All that.

MemeFirst: MemeFirst, You Second.

siani lee: taming the s e x y beast...

Canal Street | 16 NYCB

Complexcities: A blog devoted to understanding cities and everything in them

Danny's Heavier Things: ...that's the way this wheel keeps working now... above the city looking uptown I see the people so busy with their days to see the world around...

Danny's Heavier Things: that's just the way this wheel keeps working now...

The Heiress Diaries: Love,life and all the bullshit in between.

dates with gina: the hectic and crazy sex life of a regular girl in new york city

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Chambers Street | 0 NYCB

Fulton Street | 36 NYCB

Cut the Shit: The true story of a hot gay actor living, loving, and taking in all that is New York City's finest.

Slackerfreedom: because laziness pays off now Games, Movies, and Rants

Insomniac's Lounge: Random postings about me and the things I like: Programming, Soccer, beer, and the finer things in life.

NYCBros Resurrection: Movie magic, theater revelry, and insane banter gone wild - Mormon style

Em P Me >> a music blog: mp3's and commentary every Monday through Friday. All aspects of the independent music soundscape are covered.

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Broad Street | 2 NYCB

so much for the apocalypse: chock full o' hoot, just a liiiiiiittle bit o' nanny.

MyAdobo: My own adobo.

Court Street | 19 NYCB

Studentdom: A 16 year old's though on life, school, ect.

Self-Absorbed Boomer: General musings on whatever's on my mind; lots of stuff on ships, trains, religion, science, law, politics and baseball.

Gopspel According To Me: Daily journal of the days events through a teens eyes

relatively speaking: personal diatribes

Heading East: About Brooklyn, travel, photography and fatherhood.

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Lawrence Street- MetroTech | 0 NYCB

DeKalb Avenue | 6 NYCB

Twenty-Something: Random Mind Vomit from yet another 20-something.

alice_in_urbanland: the adventure of a displaced texan, her skateboarding, and a few friends

Brooklyn English Underground: What we wish we had said.

us too: politics, foreign affairs, books, media, government, pop culture, et al.

noclevername: i am new to nyc. so read my excitementment about somethings and annoyance at others!

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Pacific Street | 15 NYCB

BlogNYC: NYC news, gossip and politics served up daily.

Visual Resistance: features political art and innovative projects aimed at raising awareness of urgent social issues through visual media. We aim to explore the spaces where art and activism interact and help develop a visual language for political action.

James Poling: internet celebrity: Sarcasm

Life Among Yankees: A little liberal Texas girl graduates from her ridiculously conservative Baptist school and moves to the big city... and is quite amused.

Miles From Fenway: How this sox fan lives her life 217.7 miles from Fenway Park.

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Union Street | 60 NYCB

blog burbia: thoughts and photos about the built and natural environments that shape our lives.

Bite by Byte: A foodblog from the guy who publishes Slice and A Hamburger Today. Not pizza. Not burgers.

urcella: This is mostly about me raging against the crazies. And sometimes nice things, like puppies and cupcakes.

Passionknitly: It concentrates on my experiences knitting.

PassionKNITly: Knitting in all it's fetishness....

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4 Avenue | 42 NYCB

Only For The Boys In The Band: Pollyanna-tastic, loosely connected thoughts of a makeup-obsessed, politically inconsistent, pedantic 26-year-old working mom.

A Botanist's Big Apple: Abotanist's observations on the vagaries of urban ecology in New York City, including native flora, invasive plants, insects, and the wacky things 8 million people do to 53,000 acres of natural area.

beige on the inside: a young photoblog from an even younger soul.

Where is My Bagel: Photos and comments

The Brooklyn Gooner: A blog covering the best soccer team in England, Arsenal FC. Occasional coverage is also given to the USA National Team and the Metrostars of MLS.

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Prospect Avenue | 22 NYCB

Kwotebel (quotable): Book reviews, humor, politics, and other things I find interesting

Da Nator's Bastion of Bloggity Blogness: More neat-o crapola than you can shake a stick at (if you're into that kind of thing).

Da Nator's Bastion of Bloggity Blogness: More general bullpuckey than you can shake a stick at.

eefers: The diary of a mad, white woman otherwise known as Emily Farris.

On South Slope: Random musings on real estate, current affairs, media, technology, and more.

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25 Street | 6 NYCB

Clockwatchers: Just an Ohio transplant living in Brooklyn, still wide-yed after 4 years.

649 6th: ongoing thoughts on home renovation

Blind Swipe: Baseball. Film. Pop Culture Trash.

kailuna: Five years

That Chick: Chick with wacky ideas

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36 Street | 3 NYCB

Not Philip. Glass. Glass. Not Glass. Philip Not. Glass Glass Glass.: I hope to be something someday.

Alek Traunic's journal: life, love, hate, pain, art, and madness

Project Me!: stalking, goodies, obsessing and rambling

9 Avenue | 1 NYCB

Head Trauma: observation, regurgitation, speculation

Fort Hamilton Parkway | 3 NYCB

deanpence: A Texas transplant to NYC and current Brooklyn resident gives everyone the what-for. global politics. foreign affairs. international issues.

aprilmorning: love, fear and marlboros

50 Street | 0 NYCB

55 Street | 1 NYCB

our lil' group has always been and always will un: remember when it was the B train? the breaking point of childhood? ice cream trucks, and lights gone out? it's still 3 avenues away from the place that will always be called home.

62 Street | 0 NYCB

71 Street | 5 NYCB

tyger's lair: crazy kitten and the people who love her.

tyger's pensieve: a day in a life of a new york city tyger

Squid Squib: Remarkably unremarkable, perdictably infrequent journal by JavaSquid

Blah: My pathetic life

[b][e][c][k][i][z][m]: this is mostly filled with my random rants about my day, dislikes, likes, people in general, and of course, myself. Pictures, polls, and quizzes are also here.

79 Street | 5 NYCB

|Shrued: A day in the life through imagery.

the shrewdness of apes: everyone should get paid to do something they love. that's why i do this at work.

Treocam by Bill K.: Photos with the Treo 600 camera.

the shifting places: shifting again...

Serenity: Dolly's blog ;]

18 Avenue | 8 NYCB

Vinny's New Utrecht: A blog from someone in Bensonhurst/New Utrecht, Broolyn.

Booya College: Pointing out the world's stupidity. I'm a strange girl with strange thoughts and do strange things.

Karen's Shorts: You'll have to get back to me on that one.

silent bliss: your more-or-less average blog about a more-or-less average brooklyn tech student just trying to make it through the day =)

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20 Avenue | 6 NYCB

SubwayRider: I ride the trains. Every day. This is what I see.

hard glitter on radio tubes: digital junk, indie rock & self deprecation. aw yea.

Fine Hypertext Products: David's blog. =]

blogR!: Microcosmic revolution brewed fresh daily by a 20-something who alternates between vegetating and bike riding in Bensonhurst.

ROCKERiNA: not your typical nyc rocker...

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Bay Parkway | 7 NYCB

Cooking and Knitting: Knitting blog

English Used Here: I saved Latin. What did you do?


bynx's bastard master: the world thru the eye of a sagittarian

a n n a l o v e * <33: my xanGa =D

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