8 Avenue Express

Inwood - 207 Street | 34 NYCB

bonchessociales.blogspot.com: Its about Entertainment, Community, Culture, Fashion & Wellbeing

Peter Bucknell: Travels with an Aussie

ReMARKable Palate: A Food and culture blog by Chef Mark Tafoya of ReMARKable Palate Personal Chef Service. Recipes, reflections, photos, and featured ingredients. www.remarkablepalate.com

Joyful Addition: A photo chronicle of our first-born child, Lucas.

Queenie the Pooch: A picture blog of our dog Queen in and around Inwood

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Dyckman Street | 15 NYCB

The Maxes: New York tales; occasional celebrity interviews and reviews of various media

The Maxes: The doings and goings on of Josh Max of The Maxes in NYC.

Living it Up(Town): A blog about life in Washington Heights/Inwood

Bonches Sociales.com: We post things about: Fashion, Culture,Community,Entertainment and well-being.

Just as Loud: Humor / Politics / New York / Music / Books / And WTF?

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190 Street | 13 NYCB

Flugzeug's Blog: Me, me, and me. As told through political complaints, pictures of my hamsters, and lots and lots of lists.

For Your Entertainment: Everything that makes me laugh.

à Gauche: Philosophy, politics, and contemporary culture.

CITYspecific: Arts, culture, subway tales and reflections on here/now.

OrangeJuicy: Funny and interesting snippets of my life. With intermittent photography.

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181 Street | 40 NYCB

City Skip: A photo blog dedicated to cities.

Uptown Action: Politics, policy, and advocacy in the Northern Manhattan communities of Washington Heights, Inwood, Hamilton Heights/West Harlem, and Manhattanville.

random musings: musings, rants and portfolio shots of a set designer and fabulous jackass.

The Last Debate: Comments on life and politics from a liberal gay Christian perspective, and other paradoxes.

Flytip: Sneakers and Interactive Media Culture: All about Sneakers and Interactive Media Culture

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175 Street | 9 NYCB

Riding the Tiger: "He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount."

Riding the Tiger: He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount.

the quarterwit: Asstd. misc. Usually mocking and full of vitriol. Often political.

TACIT: things i think are interesting minus things i think are interesting only to me

Inner Light: Insanity equals yayness.

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168 Street - Washington Heights | 19 NYCB

Pinner81: I'm 25, female, a medical student, a runner, a telemarker, a hiker, a friend, a lover... and this blog is my favorite form of procrastination.

MY Rants: My opinions about things happening in the world.

the story of rufus t. firefly: another progressive political weblog.

copyrighteous: reflections plus writings on free software, intellectual property and books

The littlefish bowl: just my ranting raving and paranoia about the rediculousness that is my life.

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163 Street - Amsterdam Avenue | 5 NYCB

Laments of the Unfinished: Self-indulgent rantings on politics, religion, life, style and crazy people.

Street Photography by Markus Hartel: Street Photography by Markus Hartel - a reflection of every day life; real, unaltered impressions of public places.

Young Entrepreneur Journey: Follow the unedited journey of a young entrepreneur as he helps to make the Extreme Entrepreneurship Education Corporation a worldwide movement, while simultaneously achieving his own evolving, personal definitions of success.

Confounded blog!: Personal reminiscences, hallucinations, updates and rants on the nature of . . . well, whatever I damn well please. It's my BLOG.

Garagedream: Music+Garages=good.

155 Street | 4 NYCB

High Class Jackass: I blog too damned much.

The Illusion of Control: Book & Author's Pics: My move back to the city after being away for years, pics I take every day with a small camera I take with me everywhere, my book on behavior problem children by chapter.

VeggieGirl2001: Isn't Life Ducky?

That Corner of My Thought: Thoughts that occupy my mind at times ... my ranting about life in nyc... overall exploration of inner self.... come along lets see what I am about!

145 Street | 13 NYCB

Uptown Flavor: The premier place on the web to find out about the hottest spots in Harlem

anything goes really: anything goes, just like it says.... : )

Momentshowing: Videoblogging

This Lonely Island: Great source for the latest in absurd political and entertainment news

Contemplations: a commentary on the neo-Harlem Renaissance

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135 Street | 7 NYCB

citymouse/countrymouse blog: digital preening for the revolution

alli-babe: The non-sense and meanderings of a crazy, derrange, and unstable mind...trying to cope, live, exist in this thing called life.

Crouching Hamster: Wu tang warrior

Annapurna Potluri: A blog about books, linguistics and random stuff.

torokszofi: months spent yearning for the beloved and munching wheat thins (reduced fat). beware, it's in hungarian.

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125 Street | 13 NYCB

The J.A.P.: The "joys and oys" of the black Jewess, Yolanda Shoshana, founder of J.A.P. (Jewess Arts Project), a program that intersects arts/media and civic dialogue

Gunillocentrism: Diary of a Swedish freelance journalist.

allison1970: Non-sense and meanderigs of a crazy, derranged, and unstable mind. Trying to cope, live, exist in this thing called life. Having a fun-stressed-adventurous time being me.

Theodore is not a Whore.: I'm wanton and wreckless. I'm shy and illiterate.

Singing Chick: Just me griping about the daily grind in life. lol

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116 Street | 5 NYCB

Thinking Violet: I think, therefore I am.

auspicious coincidence: where a (buddhist) girl and her discursive mind meet

Caseworker x File: What happens when New York's Fourth Estate gets worked up about little kids from the projects found in squalor and covered in welts and bruises?

Fotonaut: Ramdom rants/BS/ and pics/info/updates about me, Fotoflashmob NYC and my Fotolog.net page,+ my 'so called life'

the angry red planet: harlem + architecture + politics + vegan

Cathedral Parkway - 110 Street | 12 NYCB

Amanda's MsAdventures: Join Amanda, a recent college graduate with wide eyes and a smart mouth, as she moves to New York City and navigates the confusion of subways, public school bureaucracy, and urban life.

esc.antville: german blog

readysteadygo: post-snark snark

Leila Loves Television: Pop culture, politics and self-absorbed New York musings.

Falling into Forever: Musings about coming home now, and loving the beauty that lives here.

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103 Street | 9 NYCB

jewggle: A random collection of interesting tidbits.

The Kvetcher: Jewish blog on politics, culture, and humor.

Two Chicks Knit: My Upper East Side Co-Blogger, Amanda, and I provide our commentary on knitting and New York.

Lovely MonAmi's Lair: The life and Times of Lovely MonAmi

bryan's blog [beta]: daily pop culcha xxx-plosions in your motherfucking face, bitch!

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96 Street | 13 NYCB

Selling my soul: I sold my dream to corporate America for an MBA I was told I would need but not sure I wanted.

dancing in place: a survivor of spinal cord injury who lives, laughs and sings out loud, but dances in place.

a yankee's musing: Musings of how livng in the city is a lot like chemotherapy.

Aloof Nonesuch: Words and Critiques

Gautam's Blog: Joys and Compulsions of a technologist living in a big city.

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86 Street | 19 NYCB

Pseudelightful: One blog. One student. One helping of dry wit. Stir.

joga: technologic thoughts

the syntax of things: thoughts on knitting from a texas girl in nyc

Adam Fields blog: Adam Fields is a technologist, photographer, chef, and business analyst.

PlexNex: Sam Hiser's complexion connexion: Jazz, Scandinavian Surf Rock, Media &Software

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81 Street - Museum of Natural History | 29 NYCB

The Traveling Spotlight: The Tales of a 30 something gay stand-up comic looking for a soulmate or soul...whichever comes first

Poker-Mac: Macintosh Poker Rants

training hard, hardly training...: musings of a NYC runner...who desperately tryies to keep her work life balanced with social and running life (one and the same these days...)

House of Marge: an alcoholic, sadistic borderline who just happens to be the mother of four beautiful children-welcome to the house of marge-as told by her immense staff

beccup!: a quick glimpse.

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72 Street | 15 NYCB

Solomon's House: The Big Apple Eats Cajuns for Breakfast!

CPDSA: Dance Skaters in Central Park

ryecroft memo: personal notes on my life

The Writers: "Sports Prose by Sports Pros" - A collection of sports professionals writing about what they know best....sports. With weekly features and special guests.

Tahrialah: Ramblings of a teenage writer and filmmaker. Much drama and Disney obsession...

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59 Street - Columbus Circle | 54 NYCB

New York Fork: Online magazine about restaurants and upcoming events.

Urban Hawks: Urban Hawks and other wildlife in Central Park and NYC

Slack LaLane: Sports, music, politics, news, absurdity, irony, debauchery, chicanery, ribaldry and general crap.

Modern Acropolis: I'm a law student who writes, does hula, and creates.

Manhattan Social: Fun art, dining, and event information about Manhattan.

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50 Street | 58 NYCB

Sleepwalks: Working in publishing, budding bloggers, food, drink, the streets of NYC

NYlawyer: My diary in the City

handbagsandfags: Everything happens in the delis of New York.

When Life Effs You In the A: Not your standard issue late twenty-something's blog.

ridiculouschick: Watch how ridiculous I can get.

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42 Street - Port Authority | 66 NYCB

To Exist in Virtual Reality: rants & raves about food, co-workers, and wednesday night tv.

Hawkwild: Random musings. The usual.

Childhood Remembered: A Tribute To Peter Pan Syndrome: A discussion of childhood and why it isn't necessary to become an adult.

Chuli Pichuli: Daily Pictures and Observations Inspired by the World Around Me

cusp this: A girl on the cusp of something. My fingers are crossed that 'something' is a life.

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34 Street - Penn Station | 25 NYCB

NonFictional Fantasies: Unique commentary on issues related to politics and hip-hop.

That Was Zen, This Is Tao: That Was Zen, This Is Tao is a journey in haiblog -- brief, crisp prose in the tradition of Basho and the Way of Haikai -- made fresh for the modern urban dweller.

Nieuw Amsterdam: Notes from Hell's Kitchen (in Dutch)

Blog: Derek Rose: Tabloid reporting, running & the Red Sox - from a member of the NYC press corps.

Mind of a Single Woman: A collection of banters on dating, relationships, love, and life.

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23 Street | 63 NYCB

Commoner Sense: Levelheaded reason.

Crazy Fingers: A gay deadhead living with his boyfriend in Chelsea.

ThisIsMichaelNYC: ramblings of life in the city

SidewayZen: Visit our WiFi hotspot at Heartland Cafe! Read our sideways perspective on Chelsea in general, 24th St and 9th Ave in particular.

SleepingShark: Business, law and politics, as seen by a corporate insider turned freelance journalist.

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14 Street | 46 NYCB

The IronDog Chronicles: Welcome to the Blog that touches upon Sports, Media, Pop Culture, and Technology. View the world through a blog touching upon a life spent in San Francisco, Chicago, Chapel Hill, and New York City.

6fl.project: An assortment of thoughts, travel stories, photographs, reviews, opinions and other particulars derived from my life experiences.

Clueless Intellect: Intelligent thoughts on things that matter from a clueless gay guy living in the West Village.

previously owned: Will McKinley is a writer, comedian and corporate propagandist. He thinks you might be interested in what he has to say.

alanDRIFTING: Blah, blah, blah, blog, blah , blah, blah, nyc, blah, blah, blah, gay man, blah, blah, blah, living in the village.

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West 4 Street | 76 NYCB

The Bittersweet Apple: NYC is a wonderful city. It's also a place where you see men peeing in the street.

theworldisaGhetto: Urban hip hop Literature,by a published writer who teaches workshops to adults and teens.A recipient of a Natl.Endowments of the Arts.And in the Screen Actors Guild.

Wrong ways: Thinking against the traffic.

BEYOND VISUAL RANGE: In the Pentagon's terminology, Beyond Visual Range refers to the guidance system of an air-to-air missile, which allows it to see and understand targets that are beyond the distance that a pilot can view. For this blog, Beyond Visual Range refers to aspects of the Pentagon's wars that are beyond what the American people are allowed to see or understand in the corporate controlled mainstream media.

It's The New, Baby: Food, poker, and general miscellany of NYC

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Spring Street | 15 NYCB

Boblog: Misc geeky topics, posted occasionally

bossBlog: teensploitation and shocking violence

The Written Turd: Basically an outlet for me to muse on NYC- living here, dating here, just being here- trying to survive here as a single female in her late 20s. I'll be the main poster, but will try as often as possible to force my much funnier friends to offer up some NYC stories/advice. Anytime we try a great bar or restaurant- or discover an amazing singles mecca- you'll be alerted.

Three.2: A digital photoblog using a 3.2 megapixel camera.

i'll take care of everything else: new york music, some music related legal issues, my love life... fodder for my autobiographical weekly variety show

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Canal Street | 10 NYCB

Too drunk to remember: Diary of a single girl in NYC with a small drinking problem. I constantly learn life lessons but am too hungover to realize them. Follow me as I chronicle every one of my screw ups for your reading pleasure!

Glen's RRR&R: My ruminations and recollections, thoughts and ideas

the nicolaitan: the sights, sounds, and musings of a lower manhattan animator

Eccentric Froth | Gossip: Daily celebrity news and random New York City events.

meganwithanh: Transplanted to New York and quickly developing entertaining neuroses and a problem with "train rage". I love photography, good food, red wine and a good political debate.

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Chambers Street | 5 NYCB

i have no mouth and i must scream: My personal rants and woes...

eat breathe sleep rock: rock beats and nyc eats

Wonderchild: A journey into the mind of wonderchild. Enjoy the ride...

Life, The Universe, and a Really Good Martini: Rants and raves of me and my multiple shadows

mumblefuck: gay nyc through my camera lens.

Broadway-Nassau Street | 13 NYCB

everything is a bit KLOUDIE: Just the ramblings of a poor college student trying to make it in the city... and remaining sane

The Thelonious Sphere Monk Memorial WebLog: Art, Politics, Music, Memoirs

pnutbuddha9: no politics. no hate. and lately no dates. these are the thoughts of a pnutbuddha.

roboppy.net: Random junk from an NYU student who likes to go to concerts, listen to music, and eat food.

the girl who ate everything: I eat food, take photos of food, and talk about food. And by the way, I like food.

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High Street | 13 NYCB

good times: proponents of a fresher tomorrow...

Gotham Chronicles: Description to come.

The Sticking Point: Music, family, ranting, raving. And coffee.

citycrab: confessions of an urban introvert.

Sam I Am: A web log for me to share photos and thoughts with friends and family. That is, until I decide to write my own software. But I'm lazy.

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Jay Street - Borough Hall | 9 NYCB

swissmiss - swiss designer gone nyc: a random selection of design, photography, books and quotes that caught this 'swiss designer gone nyc's attention.

Casual Asides: A weblog about politics and other things.

human.: A Philly boy living in NYC...

Electric Psychedellic Pussycat Swinger's Club: Quite possibly the most refreshing take on living in NYC through the eyes of a starving law student from Cali

(*subplot): became briefly omnipotent; used this power to get drunk and flirt with uninterested women

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Hoyt Street - Schermerhorn Street | 12 NYCB

cokane's bloggery: Colleen Kane has had more jobs, roommates, ill-advised pairings, and tangles with freakazoids than you. Come along and read some lines of pure cokane.

The Boiling Point: Thoughts on news, life, and cartoons from a left-wing Brooklyn-based political cartoonist.

Mr. Muckle's View: Dedicated to relating stories of ordinary people in unusual situations and unusual people in ordinary situations. Ideally, nobody gets hurt; sometimes, however, people get hurt.

Josh's Crazy Time Festival of Laughter: A wonderfully elitist smarmathon sugar-coated beneath a thin veneer of bitter rage. Mmmm....rage....

Dropping Science: Science, skepticism, and funny pictures of monkeys.

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Lafayette Avenue | 26 NYCB

Brooklyn to Harlem: Inside scoop on downtown Brooklyn happenings, and on NYC business schools.

my dog hates me: -- my dog hates me so I post cute photos of her and make lame jokes about it. This somehow makes me feel better.

Jeep Bastard: A look at the intersection of media and technology by a eldery hacker turned director from brooklyn

Brer Deacon: Does Chaos Theory inform life? Probably, but I may not write about it here.

Drunk on Tears: The mired musings, rambling rants, and drunken drivel of a hapless writer, musician, and fool…

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Clinton-Washington Avenues | 27 NYCB

Clinton Hill Blog: Observations in Clinton Hill

Hannes in Amerika: An immigrants letters to his friends and family.

Literate Perversions: Impolite thoughts on sex, politics, religion, and pop culture.

brit blogger: oxymoronic dithering, sporadic blithering

NoLandGrab: A portal for all people and organizations opposed to the Atlantic Yards Proposal in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

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Franklin Avenue | 10 NYCB

Brooklyn Stories: A photo and story blog, this is a place to share love and memories of Brooklyn or just say hello. Featuring photography by Kit Kaplan and 718 Brooklyn

zinnian: adventures: the goings on of a music addicted, new york city living, sex seeking (that is all there is ny, right?), homo

La Negrita's Life: Latina Lesbian in BK

La Negrita's Life: My crazy world! Locita Latina

weightless 2005: my patience is thin & my ass is thick. time to get down to business & reshape my life and body. c'mon in cuz i ain't afraid to sweat.

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Nostrand Avenue | 13 NYCB

orangepurplegold: I write about brooklyn, chocolate, and hiphop

felixesquivel: drawings, art

Living the Luxury Brown: I'm a 28-year-old Brooklyn gal looking to make the most out of life. Wish me luck!

whoucallinabitch: words and sounds of a los angeles born, silver-tongued, brooklynite. entry requirements: sarcasm & a quick wit.

The Filthy Mick: The commode into which I flush my excess mental capacity. Politics, art, media, work, and other subjects worthy of righteous fury.

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Kingston-Throop Avenues | 5 NYCB

Brooklyn-Ager: Well it's still pretty new. Shiny and all..

bottled up illusions (it is what it is): bottled up illusions trapped, but my words got free... here are the remnants of what's never spoken

mellow vibrationz: Daily writing's about me, and my thoughts

BrooklynFemme: Hello NYC!!! I am feeling the need for a deep spiritual bond, companionship and honest love....

coloredgirls: coloredgirls.com is an online literary magazine geared towards women of color featuring book reviews, author interviews, critical essays and news blogs.

Utica Avenue | 10 NYCB

Getting Into Trouble in Brooklyn: random nyc hijinks: concert photos, gossip and me.

eating for brooklyn: From hidden gems to farmer's markets, exploring the bounty of Brooklyn. Plus restaurant reviews, recipe discussions, tips and more.

MasterNever: Knowledge from the Master.

a daily dose...: a daily dose... of life through these dreaming eyes of mine

My Brooklyn Brownstone: A day by day look at my journey from Upper East Side Renter to Bedford-Stuyvesant brownstone owner.

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Ralph Avenue | 3 NYCB

An LaGirlie in NYC: Read of the adventures of an an LA transplant who moved to NYC and currently moonlights as a writer for an adult magazine.

NeedTooKnow.org: Two guys in NYC one a Teacher, the other a Computer Consultant trying to make of all NYC

Maxine and Zeen: Beginnings of a Life: Well, its supposed to be about me and my fiance Zeen's slow slide to the alter. Sometimes it is but mostly it's me rambling about whatever

Rockaway Avenue | 0 NYCB

Broadway Junction - East New York | 0 NYCB

Liberty Avenue | 0 NYCB

Van Siclen Avenue | 0 NYCB

Shepherd Avenue | 0 NYCB

Euclid Avenue | 1 NYCB

The Nocturnal Journals: Late night creepin' on the not-so-incognito tip. Brooklyn style..

Grant Avenue | 1 NYCB

stay_stung: random.

80 Street | 1 NYCB

as boring days go bye: a chinese boy with no dreams

88 Street | 1 NYCB

ChaoticOracle: The random prophesies (read: rants, convos, and musings) divinated somwhere between Columbus Circle and 88th st by a Grad-Girl with too much time on her hands

Rockaway Boulevard | 2 NYCB

Twins on Parade: We're twins, we'll be 2 in November 2003, and we're too cute for words.

Still Waters: Misha's Journal: Misha's musings on fiction and whatnot.

104 Street | 1 NYCB

My so called life: The life and musings of a angsty sarcastic teenager growing up in the polluted city of New York.

111 Street | 0 NYCB

Ozone Park - Lefferts Boulevard | 3 NYCB

Pointfull: Whatever comes to mind.

a name in your recollection: Musings of lost soul.

A Fool's Musings: Random fandom thoughts and fiction. The foolish musings of one fan.

Aqueduct - North Conduit Avenue | 3 NYCB

funkdigital.com: Funkdigital.com examines hip music in the space of culture and politics.

Shit Basket: A weblog of my everyday life and opinions.

CricBlog: A look at the way the media is reporting news on cricket in the West Indies, offering my own crabby criticisms.

Howard Beach-JFK Airport | 1 NYCB

Drownout France: A New Yorker in Paris (connect at Howard Beach for 747 to De Gaulle).

Broad Channel | 2 NYCB

El Rincon de Cuchita: The point of view of a woman on the form to grow freely without moral censorships, between the magic, the wine, the politica, the Bohemian and sex

The Woman Booster: a life coaching blog for women by life strategist Yolanda Shoshana

Beach 67 Street | 0 NYCB

Beach 60 Street | 0 NYCB

Beach 44 Street | 0 NYCB

Beach 36 Street | 0 NYCB

Beach 25 Street | 1 NYCB

We Won't Get Fooled Again: News and views from a Realist Libertarian perspective.

Far Rockaway - Mott Avenue | 3 NYCB

Various Orthodoxies: A brief tour into a political wasteland of hopelessly overthought thoughts.

number one tool: I live in rockaway park, not far rock, but it's not listed as a stop.

Equine Vet: horses in the city, my job, other stuff I like or don't like.

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