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St George | 24 NYCB

happy lucky suki: The truth about life, without lots of emotional bullshit. Writing, art, dreams, struggles.

Ones and Zeros: Binary living in New York City

rustedscissors: Thoughts, musings, and dull edges. Frequent exhibitions of bitter, bitter rage, odes to the addictive power of coffee, and sometimes the good things in life.

New York Staten Island Girl: Photoblog of St. George and Manhattan

Two Cigarettes: words on napkins

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Tompkinsville | 6 NYCB

Stagnant Island: for the last 10 years, I have been doing my part to make SI a better place....

My Pathetic Weblog: Lefty, pop culture, football violence, crap.

emo means potato in japanese: food, art, music.

jaxxis: stuff

Everything Bagel: My kooky journal. Odd ramblings of a wild grrl who lives in an intentional community, is a sexworker, martial artist, radical cheerleader, and all around freaky nice person.

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Stapleton | 5 NYCB

Ramblings of a Conuly: It's my blog. I'm a little crazy, I post a lot of links, I periodically apologise for pissing people off. That's it.

LeatherPenguin blog: politics, culture, Yankees and general curmudgedly rants and ripostes A disillusioned 31-year-old software engineer and his wife have moved to New York to pursue careers in the arts. But we're not cliches, really.

me in a nutshell: Just a simple journal. I post what happened to me during the day. It's like a look into the life of one really crazy teenager.

INKLING: World War III as seen from Staten Island. Links to local, city, national and global activist sites.

Clifton | 4 NYCB

ikonic: My life through an LCD screen.

A Day in the Life of a Whirlygurly: Whirlygurly is a 30 year old woman in the midst of trying to find happiness, love and herself.

steel jungle nyc: Steel Erection, Family , weight training, insightful quips and blurbs

gabi's blog: My blog is friends only but if you befriend me you'll get to read about my uber-interesting life! Its so crazy!

Grasmere | 9 NYCB illiterate and somtimes incohearant thoughts.

Pop Tart's Suck Toasted: Sometimes daily rant and updates of my life and pop culture.

LunaChickNYC: BiPolar Rantings

Vladimir Art: A Russian American's paintings

Oleg Dulin: Just random musings on politics and technology

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Old Town | 3 NYCB

Sam's LJ: life.

Tangled in the Web: Personal musings, rants, and whatever. :)

The End Oc Civilization A We Know It: Thoughts and Music from The Subway Serenade

Dongan Hills | 2 NYCB

The Rosario Drug Cartel: Travel, Politics, Profanity and Poor Prose. Please deposit your bullsh*t at the door before entering this site. Photo of a college kid

Jefferson Avenue | 1 NYCB

Lionheart's Livejournal: Bunch of news articles, and stuff. Generally interesting.

Grant City | 2 NYCB

Labeey's crap: you dont wanna know

FaNBoY's FaNBloG: A look into the life of a Fanboy. Keep arms and legs inside the car at all times.

New Dorp | 7 NYCB

1_2_3_17: I post pictures here mostly, and write about romantic stuff, and pretty things ^__^

Attorneys Suck: I can't believe I'm actually living in Staten Island. I need a gold chain.

procrastination: procrastinate with me, help me pile on new memories, blur out the old

A heaping pile of...: hi

Intangible Reverie: peek into mind and life of Intangible Reverie's creator

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Oakwood Heights | 4 NYCB

Jill Writes: City girl. Brooklynite-in-exile. Writer. Mp3-obsessed. Theater geek, movie geek, math geek. Restless with wanderlust. Student of life.

SI Commerce: A look at some of the businesses and services that I have used.

You're a Big Girl, Hold It: This native New Yorker tries to "embrace" life in rural America for the sake of her first job out of college

This blog has no name: Semi-frequent updates on things I did or didn't do during the week. Occaisonal urban exploration.

Bay Terrace | 0 NYCB

Great Kills | 5 NYCB

oh! the cleverness of me: A girl with far too much procrasination.. for such little time.. About a girl and a site named after her cat :) A blog about a proud NYC girl. Lots of sports rants about the Yankees and Rangers ;D

Not The Average Lady: just a girl blogging in her favorite city

DJ X StreAM - The Life And The Legend: MY life...boring @ times..but always interesting enough to write bout

Eltingville | 3 NYCB

diary of a dating girl in staten island/nyc: my problem love life -day by day

sickofmyself: Photography, poetry, punditry, puns... with apologies to Matthew Sweet

PlanetCpp: Do your fight club homework!

Annadale | 4 NYCB

sharontatesbaby: Rants and thoughts from a Chicago girl exiled in Staten Island

simply me.: 'during a certain period of our lives, we possess youth. the rest we spend living in the memories of it.'

chemistry: me, chemistry, alex , we are all the same

random thoughts of a high school student: the trials and tribulations that a humble high school student goes through in life

Huguenot | 6 NYCB

Curious J's Experience: Hip Hop's upliftment through fresh perspective articles.

Spunks Life: Just my random thoughts of the day, livin' the daily grind.

Rudie Rigmarole: An experiment in weblogging gone awry when a group of friends had too much free time on their hands... follow the life of a 16 y/o girl. you'll find that it's a sad journey... sad as in pathetic *nods*

/~joseph: A SI teen with way too much free time on his hand...

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Princes Bay | 1 NYCB

The Intellectual Viewpoint Weblog: Daily Ramblings From A Possibly Unsound Mind

Pleasant Plains | 2 NYCB

Cancer Blog: Blogging on all types of cancer, offering resources for cancer symptoms, prevention, news and related information.

OLD MIRROR by miguel: Talk about love in portuguese

Richmond Valley | 1 NYCB

The Warlock: Hyper evil journal filled with psychotic rants and general fun stuff.

Nassau | 2 NYCB

Mein Kampf - My Mind: The ramblings of a 23-year old male who rants and sometimes thinks.

eCuaderno: Tips, links and news about Cyberculture, Media, eCommunication and Blogging, in Spanish

Atlantic | 2 NYCB

Cindo's Blog: The random thoughts and rants of a Staten Island Chick-e.

WickedSit: lost in thought on staten island.

Tottenville | 4 NYCB

The Right Perspective: NYC's "Most Dangerous Callers in Talk Radio" have been broadcasting their own radio show for 7 years. Podcast of the radio show heard live every Friday 10pm EST over WWCR shortwave and

The Graduate Awakening: The story of a recent college graduate awakening to the call of the real world.

RadiofreeNYC: Stranded out on the island this is how one person spends his time.

Yigoto: My my thoughts, and any other crap...

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