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14 Street | 46 NYCB

The IronDog Chronicles: Welcome to the Blog that touches upon Sports, Media, Pop Culture, and Technology. View the world through a blog touching upon a life spent in San Francisco, Chicago, Chapel Hill, and New York City.

6fl.project: An assortment of thoughts, travel stories, photographs, reviews, opinions and other particulars derived from my life experiences.

Clueless Intellect: Intelligent thoughts on things that matter from a clueless gay guy living in the West Village.

previously owned: Will McKinley is a writer, comedian and corporate propagandist. He thinks you might be interested in what he has to say.

alanDRIFTING: Blah, blah, blah, blog, blah , blah, blah, nyc, blah, blah, blah, gay man, blah, blah, blah, living in the village.

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14 Street | 18 NYCB

threenewyorkwomen: What do a former reality TV star, a hard rockin' journalist, and a soon-famous actress all have in common? They all share a love affair with Manhattan and collectively write for this blog. Enjoy the unique perspectives of these Three New York Women.

Alane By Day: Alane By Day is the real-time, step-by-step story of starting an architecture business

HIP HOP REPUBLICAN: Hip Hop Republican, Blog was created to help arm the liberty-loving silent majority with ammo -- ammo that strikes at the intellectual solar plexus of the Left.

Knit Powers to Peace!: Mostly about my knitting creations. Currently relocated to Arizona.

lori victoria braun, a bodybuilding blog: Lori Victoria Braun is the founder and owner of Femalemuscle.com, the largest bodybuilding site on the Internet measured by content, viewers, and page views.

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14 Street - Union Square | 120 NYCB

WebMachiavelli: Just a daily jumble that is my life. Not to mention the name dropping and adventures of a bartender on the edge.

Brand Noise: A blog about brands and the evolution of advertising.

COACD: confessions of a casting director, models, gossip, gay and more

The Way Things Are: personal blog and pop culture news

girlbomb: A feminist writer volunteers at the shelter where she used to live; also reviews books, rants, dotes on her cats, and occasionally acknowledges things like global politics and reality TV.

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3 Avenue | 21 NYCB

kittenpants: The shining star of internet humor, and Guiness record holder for political dick jokes.

Repress Yourself: Outing the inner demons of the internet's funniest bloggers.

Not Quite There: Random rants on anything and everything

recompiler: network security/computers/general geeky stuff

Kiss me, Thrill me, Fuck me, Kill me: Dating as viewed from the eyes of a fed up twenty-six year old male.

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1 Avenue | 118 NYCB

FYI: 23, girl, blue eyes, brown hair, manhattanite, freelancer, writer, traveler

logic versus blog: culture for dunnies

Sowing Notions: Random thoughts, angry musings, some general disbelief, no daily affirmations.

Foodite: A techie turned culinary student's musings on food, cooking, and eating out.

elegant savage: up all night in the one-triple-oh-nine.

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Bedford Avenue | 108 NYCB

Palm Trees on Park Avenue: Here lies a blog with dirt in its hair. The words on its lips just hang in the air. Great flashes of brilliance appear with a gleam. When you turn off the lights, try not to scream.

trite urban photos: um, dull urban photos.... buildings, cars, graffiti and dirty street stuff.

vice rumor mule: gossip from the offices of an international magazine based in williamsburg, brooklyn

tiqtoq: Non-hipster or yuppie blog

jUSTINYC: Resident of the Housing Forum, A.I.R photography and real estate art

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Lorimer Street | 62 NYCB

They call me concha: ¡viva la concha!

Palms Out Sounds: indy Brooklyn label's official music and culture blog. Lots of free unreleased and rare music for immediate download. Help us eat!

Amy King's Blog: Brooklyn-based poet on art, music, poetry, politics, local happenings.

A Visual Gallery of Sorts: This is Charlie. Coolness in a 5'11" package.

Hot Johnny and All of His Pants: This is the new address for my old blog. The jokes are just as flat and the opinions are just as xenophobic.

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Graham Avenue | 59 NYCB

Puntabulous: A place for random thoughts and badly drawn, yet amusing MSPaint pictures.

doesnotcompute: My blog about technology, and also a collection of my interactive experiments.

The Cat's Nuts: Life on Devoe Street. Cats, Job, Living in Brooklyn amongst the wild hipsters.

Polarbear Underwear: Random babbling.

elli vs. bklyn: fun on devoe street

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Grand Street | 18 NYCB

Satori In Brooklyn: burning up karma and wasting spectacular time

The Dear Jane Project: The Other Woman speaks out on Other Womanness, plus some other stuff

a message from parma: rants and raves about the other side of Williamsburg by former dot comer who still temps in the corporate world.

The Nature Theater of Oklahoma: Everyone is welcome

very very serious: This blog is about very very serious thigns only. Please refrain from laughing. Thank you.

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Montrose Avenue | 16 NYCB

Oh that Kate: A blog posting fiction and non-fiction by a commonly named girl.

Miss Snark, literary agent: The devil may wear Prada, but she also carries a red pen and is now reading your manuscript.

SitDownStandUp.com: sometimes about music, sometimes about life as a musician, sometimes about live as a worker bee, sometimes about love

SugarHiccup-Hiccup: The Misadventures, Ponderings, and Wanderings of a Metaphysical Big Kid

2 Dishes But toOne Table: I'm 40. Science. Chemistry. The ballet.

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Morgan Avenue | 22 NYCB

justin C mcIntosh - photoblog: Justin McIntosh is an independent artist, photo-journalist, activist and explorer living in Brooklyn. His photoblog brings light to events, big and small, as he witness them.

Bushwick is Beautiful: Everything bushwick. Concert, Art, and event listings.

coryblog: Thoughts on web technologies, life in New York city, travels. I'm a grad student at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU.

Post No Bills: New York Adventures in Banality: A Washingtonian tries her hand at the Big Apple.

Hotel: Chicagoan living in Brooklyn; food, reviews, and longing.

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Jefferson Street | 10 NYCB

The L is for Love Train: musings, thoughts, complaints, admiration, and love for the L train

scott anthony dot org: Throw a skinny Asian fag into the middle of Bushwick, and voila! A blog is born.

phantastic: complaining, art & music reviews

jayKayEss: talk talk talk

JoeRod.com: The Life and Times of a 20 something, Brooklyn Native that works in the Financial district, loves hot girls, nice clothes, computers and fun bars/clubs

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DeKalb Avenue | 7 NYCB

Soulatomic: A music blog for the Soulatomic Radio Show on East Village Radio. It covers all the hits from Brooklyn down to New Orleans with Funk, Soul, Jazz, and Blues. Along with today's best new music in Rock and Hip Hop.

Patrick Levell is Living Your Dreams: The Glam-King of Underground Writing, Patrick Levell occasionally surfaces to post flashbulb entries from the frontlines of tomorrow. It's Century 21 and we're all famous 24 hours a day. Welcome to the best part of the playground.

Skitty's Journal: My journal is all-inclusive.

Wondergirl: The blog of Politics and Pleasure with your host Wondergirl and a whopping 8 team bloggers.

surblimity: the exploits of a short butch latina, recently spewed out into the reality of post-college, jobs, bills, and life in NYC.

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Myrtle Avenue | 7 NYCB

Las vainas que pasan aqui@alla: Sobre las noticias y cosa que pasan en la Republica Dominicana y fuera de ell.

USTommyMC: Being a Marine combines with our country's current war of terror prohibits me from seeing my family and friends as often as before. I made this site so that they can see what I'm up to and see whats going on with me.

Stuff and Things: Blah

The (vast) Right-Wing Conspiracy: A site for that rare breed - outspoken New York Republicans!

World of CJ: My world, according to me.

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Halsey Street | 11 NYCB

College Dropout?: In between jobs, papers, SUNY Potsdam and Brooklyn these are my thoughts on life.

frail.blog: Recent college graduate. Life is scary. Where's my beer?

The Treehouse + The Cave: Ideas/Inventions/Photographs/Links/Works by Andrew Coulter Enright

You suck.: Scraped up doggie doo-doo.

The Treehouse + The Cave: Communiqués from The Treehouse + The Cave.

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Wilson Avenue | 0 NYCB

Bushwick Avenue - Aberdeen Street | 0 NYCB

Broadway - Eastern Parkway | 0 NYCB

Atlantic Avenue | 1 NYCB

Rants, Raves, and Other Fun Stuff: david sedaris meets diary of a mad black woman ...

Sutter Avenue | 1 NYCB

Mikes Blog: It's kinda crazy since I am a crazy person

Livonia Avenue | 2 NYCB

Politik Ditto: Thoughts of a Black conservative Democrat

Afrochic: cam, blog, and other fun content. everyone gets a free cookie for visiting.

New Lots Avenue | 0 NYCB

East 105 Street | 1 NYCB

sleepwriting: I left my heart on E 105th St ... (lucky for me I kept my weird sense of humor)...

Canarsie / Rockaway Parkway | 14 NYCB

The Drive-by Blogger: Random thoughts, posted in a random fashion.

I got the FIX: Where I chronicle my voyage into the world of DJing. Future hopes are to make my mixtapes and beats available here.

behind the candoor: life in black and white (rambles of an expatriate after 30+ years all over B'klyn & the city, now camping on Mickey's doorstep)

jiroGX: hey ya

jiroGX: hey ya

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