6 Avenue Local

Jamaica-179th Street | 34 NYCB

edouble's words: For those needing a little procrastination, here are random thoughts, ideas, words and more about myself.

Terrier Tracks: my ramblings about my dog, my stitching, reading or whatever else strikes my fancy

father knickerbocker: Written in the style of a newspaper, this is a detailed site on the knicks

#/usr/bin/guy: Confessions of a computer engineer.

Gi in USA: Everything about my new life in NY.

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169 Street | 14 NYCB

The Distant Outpost: A personal journal of everyday happenings.

The Rare Gold: About every thing that i like

Cafenut: Shahid Ambia is a cafenut. Well, he isn't actually. Is there a problem with that?

I Am Shahid: Who am I? I am Shahid. Who are you? You are who you think you are and no one else.

I Am Shahid: Who Am I? I Am Shahid.

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Parsons Boulevard | 10 NYCB

Beyond Obsession II: life struggle of a drama queen

M2: MayMay: A Christian's life simplified in words

M2: MayMay: My thoughts; simplified in words

M2: MayMay: My own self exclusively expressed in written form.

blog you!: o_O

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Sutphin Boulevard | 3 NYCB

In-D-Pending...........: Everything is Everything!

A Peek Into Wyntir: Politics to Cosplay, Baking to Crochet; What's on the mind of this crazy lady in Queens called Wyn ^_^

WindyCityTransplant: Pictures of things I see or things that peak my interest.

Briarwood - Van Wyck Boulevard | 15 NYCB

Full Frontal Honesty: Musings about a small town girl's total life upheaval that finds her as a music teacher in NYC public schools.

Liripipe: juvenile, but satan-resistant.

Angela Lei Li’s Weblog: A business blog: News, articles and personal comments for today's and future entrepreneurs.

Queens, NY: Guide to Queens events, neighborhoods, restaurants, and more, part of the About.com network.

Trenchcoat Jedi's Realm of Stuffness: The multifarious ruminations of an embittered individual.

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Kew Gardens, Union Turnpike | 38 NYCB

victorious TIMES: hit me up with some love =]

El Mundo de Joanne: A little bit of me, my thoughts and the every day life (in Spanish).

Amp Power: One paragraph reviews by a know-nothing who knows it all.

Why Did Shaun Richman Create This Homepage?:

My Life is My Message: Daily routine chit chat, updates on life and Miss Hunter the animal lover. Goals, dreams, complaints and more by a Sassy Blonde.

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75 Avenue | 10 NYCB

david dot com: where technology, music and food intersect...its a lot, its a lot like life

the rabbit/duck of the unconscious: Teaching, griping, and general nonsense.

Wedlog!: We're getting married! And we'll be blogging all the way there. Wedding-related musings and so much more.

Part-Time Job, Full-Time Crazy: I blog about everyday things, but with a certain panache!

Celebrity Baby Blog: Mary Louise Parker. Sarah Jessica Parker. Kate Hudson. What do these three women have in common? They're celebrities with babies! Gwyneth Paltrow. Courtney Cox-Arquette. Cate Blanchett. Debra Messing. Common denominator? Pregnant celebrities!

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Forest Hills, 71 Avenue | 52 NYCB

A Pile of Dog Bones: This is a personal journal... bits and pieces of life... that just pile up to form this old dog's bones...

david.dot.com: where technooogy, food, music and wine intersect

Subterranian Thoughts: Thoughts from an angry lonely NYC man, obsessed with trains

being a bastard works...: ...because it does

Mommy Drinks So What: Rants about conversations overheard and probably misunderstood, oh and Lessons learned from friends, time and mistakes.

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Jackson Heights - Roosevelt Avenue | 16 NYCB

Play Rey Play: The musings of a Filipino-American playwright/media junkie.

Babbleando: Thoughts of a Latino gay dude in Nueva York

Democrats.com: Fighting for Truth, Justice, and the American Way

jackson heights, nyc: neighborhood news

Weird Topics: Korean Blog filled with world wide weird and funny topics

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21 Street-Queensbridge | 0 NYCB

Roosevelt Island | 7 NYCB

Zeeshan Suhail: My random ramblings and stray reflections about anything from social justice and global/international issues to internship/job postings peppered with the occasional event info that might interest friends and foes alike.

NYC 4 Free: Pics and personal experiences in the city

Future Fag Hag: Mindless ramblings, opinions celebrities and talk about sex, me and a little hippy mysticism.

atraxia: ramblings of a 20something gal who's trying to find her spot in this crazy world

La Passionaria: Red Beret. Saxsy Politico. Rampant Poetica. Paintin' them toes the reddish color. Pianissimo Playing Girl Rampant and Running 'round NYC

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Lexington Avenue - 63 Street | 7 NYCB

The Blog that Ate Manhattan: Food, Considerations and Second Opinions. I practice medicine, cook and wax prolific in New York CIty.

Ungodly Sex Appeal: Trying to learn how not to hate myself, or to hate myself efficiently so it seems I hate myself less than I do now

NYCFOODBLOG: "connoisseur of fine food I'm not, just a poor schlub who likes cheap food at a good price."

Fred's Journal: A web journal, dominated at presence by my interest in Flash Mobs. A passing fad, no doubt.

The true story of a Gotham Book Girl: The nights and days, loves and losses, misadventures and episodes of a New York publishing princess

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57 Street | 3 NYCB

Lois Whitman: The offbeat side of public relations

My Life And Times: About my life. Weight loss, decluttering, living.

welcome welcome: daily musings of a bee.bee.bip

47-50 Streets - Rockefeller Center | 25 NYCB

unfaithful in nyc: cheating, infidelity, and being generally adulterous in manhattan

otimaster: This blog is dedicated to the memory of all the victims of the intégrisme Muslim, than their sacrifice it does not come forgotten

Robinik: Only 3 words: God Bless America.

Mona's Apple: A NYC restaurant blog. A detailed guide to restaurants in and around the city.

Opinionistas: The bell jar observations of a reluctant junior associate in a Manhattan Law Firm

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42 Street - Bryant Park | 8 NYCB

NRC Handelsblad: New York: Blog by the New York-correspondent for the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad.

Amit Gupta's Blog: A personal blog on marketing and technology.

House 2.0: Amit, Isuru, Aileen, Luke, and Kaily live together near Bryant Park in NYC. This is their blog.

The unknown Naughty Girl: This blog is to share my secret life.... a little bit of "What the fuck?!" mixed with "God that's hot".

The Coolest Girl Ever: I'm a hilarious and awesome girl, and this is my blog. The End. Yay.

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34 Street - Herald Square | 14 NYCB

While you were out...: Your secretary telling on you and the rest of the executives.

Under the Skyscraper: Comments on urban planning, architecture and city life in New York, Toronto and more.

girlspoke: girlspoke...this is no joke.

Kevin McCullough: Daily live blogging on life, pop culture, and politics on New York, the Tri-State area, and the Nation. Also heard on WMCA 570/970 AM weekdays 1-4pm.

Rampant Reviews: My personal reviews (and pictures) of eateries around the City

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23 Street | 12 NYCB

Moment Magnitude: Stories of a forty-something living single in her hometown.

Songlian: Blogging from Boston to the UK and now NYC. I reside in Jersey City but my mail and my life are in NYC.

Sky Writing: Re-started my blog after Katrina because it's obvious we all have to speak up now.

tripaway2day -- why today?: This Orlando gay boy wants to move to NYC. Why not?

Brandon Gerena - creative talent: rantings of a NYC art director, college instructor and loving husband.

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14 Street | 18 NYCB

threenewyorkwomen: What do a former reality TV star, a hard rockin' journalist, and a soon-famous actress all have in common? They all share a love affair with Manhattan and collectively write for this blog. Enjoy the unique perspectives of these Three New York Women.

Alane By Day: Alane By Day is the real-time, step-by-step story of starting an architecture business

HIP HOP REPUBLICAN: Hip Hop Republican, Blog was created to help arm the liberty-loving silent majority with ammo -- ammo that strikes at the intellectual solar plexus of the Left.

Knit Powers to Peace!: Mostly about my knitting creations. Currently relocated to Arizona.

lori victoria braun, a bodybuilding blog: Lori Victoria Braun is the founder and owner of Femalemuscle.com, the largest bodybuilding site on the Internet measured by content, viewers, and page views.

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West 4 Street | 76 NYCB

The Bittersweet Apple: NYC is a wonderful city. It's also a place where you see men peeing in the street.

theworldisaGhetto: Urban hip hop Literature,by a published writer who teaches workshops to adults and teens.A recipient of a Natl.Endowments of the Arts.And in the Screen Actors Guild.

Wrong ways: Thinking against the traffic.

BEYOND VISUAL RANGE: In the Pentagon's terminology, Beyond Visual Range refers to the guidance system of an air-to-air missile, which allows it to see and understand targets that are beyond the distance that a pilot can view. For this blog, Beyond Visual Range refers to aspects of the Pentagon's wars that are beyond what the American people are allowed to see or understand in the corporate controlled mainstream media.

It's The New, Baby: Food, poker, and general miscellany of NYC

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Broadway-Lafayette Street | 15 NYCB

A Gay Man's Journey: Life in New York - A gay man's diary My personal entries on life in New York, nothing more, nothing less

DJME Podcast: Music from a live DJ in NYC. The soundz consist of dance, hip-hop, 80's, rock, and more.

PSFK Trend: PSFK is a collaborative trend spotting blog

AJL: thoughts, finds, self-promotion, lengthy hiatuses

oriana: ramblings

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Lower East Side - 2 Avenue | 117 NYCB

The Discreet Confessions of Douglas T. Allbright: Daily selections from the transcribed audiotapes of missing person Douglas T. Allbright.

MariaPia: European journalist in New York and East Village aficionada. French and english entries.

ScorchedHotTub: broad characterizations/tangential rants/scene work/contrasting lists...breathe while reading.

l-e-mental: essential & fundamental reading for savvy, cultured NYLONers interested in cutting edge developments in design, architecture & branding.

being and everythingness: sexual exploits and corresponding analyses by a precocious and adorable 23 year old girl

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Delancey Street | 60 NYCB

all grown ups are pirates: stuff that i do...music that is good. and some good ole' fashioned news

Charles Bronson VS God: Chongs and Chit.

Snob in the City: Fully committed to the New York lifestyle of dating, drinking wine, compusively shoe shopping, dancing on couches, dining at resturants where all I can afford is an appetizer and a bottle of wine, then working hard to support it all. That's me!

vandf: A couple living in LES - moved from LA. Share in our 'adventures' :-)

Adventures from the LES: The NY adventures of 2 guys living on the LES.

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East Broadway | 26 NYCB

Chinatown: China analyst living on the edge of Manhattan's Chinatown writes about the neighborhood, Zen, East Asian culture, and the Uighurs.

readscottreed: My life, lower east side, young, hip, and white.

It gets worse before it gets...'worser...: 20-something and still haven't got a concrete thought in mind...

2beanornot2bean: Treasure chest? Toxic waste dump? A collection of finds, experience and thoughts on life in NYC and planet Earth

Underground Fairy NYC: nyc concerts + parties + art events + .....

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York Street | 18 NYCB

Chooky Fuzzbang: A description of my blog? It's like every other blog. Random crap spewed when we get riled about something.

The Music Of What Happens: I work in the theater in two esoteric fields. I own a cat. I'm bad at sports.

Across The Brooklyn Bridge: Gallery: Colombian Palestinian American writing stories, taking pictures. Living in Brooklyn , New York.

Writer's Bloq: Occassional rumminations about life on the plant New York and siminal reality beyond its borders

the real janelle: yes, it comes out of my head that way

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Jay Street - Borough Hall | 9 NYCB

swissmiss - swiss designer gone nyc: a random selection of design, photography, books and quotes that caught this 'swiss designer gone nyc's attention.

Casual Asides: A weblog about politics and other things.

human.: A Philly boy living in NYC...

Electric Psychedellic Pussycat Swinger's Club: Quite possibly the most refreshing take on living in NYC through the eyes of a starving law student from Cali

(*subplot): became briefly omnipotent; used this power to get drunk and flirt with uninterested women

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Bergen Street | 87 NYCB

Adventures of the Pie Queen: Food-related musings and recipes from a pie-bakin' Brooklyn girl.

Clean Plate Club: Eating, drinking, and snacking in NYC.

LAND OF THE BAT: Land of the Bat chronicles random moments of life in New York, signifigant cultural events, art, music, and fiction, and gay-oriented arts.

Mz Manners: Urban Survival Etiquette. You won't get this kind of advice from your mom and your grandmother

eefers: the diary of a mad, white woman otherwise known as emily farris

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Carroll Street | 75 NYCB

Esthetic/Aesthetic: It could be about Brooklyn or my job in TV or going home back to Montana or some crazy New York occasion, whatever thrills me, freaks me out or makes me happy at the moment.

sugartown: DJ Matilda von Crumbcake -- The Diary of a Girl Jukebox! MP3s & NYC Events...

arrowlikemouth: Keystrokes, wandering mind.

Me and My Public: Sharing the bizarre, twisted and rarely normal ways the world and I interact with each other.

levjoy.com: How can we use technology for social change?

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Smith-9 Streets | 25 NYCB

seabringer: Brooklyn photo log. Mostly photos from in and around Red Hook, otherwise known as NYC's "Big Sky Country."

B61 Productions: Online newspaper for Red Hook--all original reporting.

Sando's StumbleUpon Blog: The StumbleUpon blog of a Red Hook-based musician, techie and sandwich lover. See what sites I’m checking out these days and what I have to say about them. Includes the author’s rambling thoughts on various topics.

A Brooklyn Life: Good times in and around Carroll Gardens

Lex's Folly: New York City photos and musings.

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4 Avenue | 42 NYCB

Only For The Boys In The Band: Pollyanna-tastic, loosely connected thoughts of a makeup-obsessed, politically inconsistent, pedantic 26-year-old working mom.

A Botanist's Big Apple: Abotanist's observations on the vagaries of urban ecology in New York City, including native flora, invasive plants, insects, and the wacky things 8 million people do to 53,000 acres of natural area.

beige on the inside: a young photoblog from an even younger soul.

Where is My Bagel: Photos and comments

The Brooklyn Gooner: A blog covering the best soccer team in England, Arsenal FC. Occasional coverage is also given to the USA National Team and the Metrostars of MLS.

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7 Avenue | 111 NYCB

Tales of a Delectable Redhead: A tale of my 20-something angst in New York City and the charming life I lead as a delectable redhead.

The Unbelievably Sad Travails of The Polo Loner: Like Zorro. But about a loner. In a polo. Melancholics welcome.

poetry and art are for losers: actually, i like poetry and art. sometimes, i make some, too.

Truth to Power: Dedicated to investigative journalism: "If the truth hurts, you'll be in pain!"

Bully's World: The B(ul)LOG: The life and thoughts of a little stuffed bull living in Brooklyn and occasionally traveling around the country and abroad.

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15 Street - Prospect Park | 57 NYCB

Boston to Brooklyn: A displaced Bostonian's musings on books, booze, baseball, and Brooklyn

Life Through The Eyes of a Bulldog: A daily record record of the world through eyes of a 1 year old English Bulldog named Sammy

Feed Me Good Tunes: Plumbing the lowest depths of music like Mario, except with a worse work ethic.

I'm New Here NYC: Recently transplanted from DC. Here's my new life.

Tales of a Delectable RedHead: A tale of my 20-something angst as a delectable redhead.

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Fort Hamilton Parkway | 28 NYCB

Just a Brooklyn Girl: I'm just a Brooklyn girl.

kenspeckle: a humorous, hyperlinked look at technology, literature, and anything conspicuous

Regions: A collection of writers adding their thoughts on a wide range of topics from music to film to politics to everything in between.

drdogbrother speaks in teeth: "...those minute details...which History has so often rejected as below her dignity, are indispensable to give life, certainty, or reality to her delineations; and we should have little hesitation in asserting, that no history is really worth any thing, unless it relate to a people and an age of which we have also those humbler and more private memorials." --Francis Jeffrey, 1825

Broad Noodles Song Library: Broad Noodles song lyrics posted daily. You better ask somebody!

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Church Avenue | 13 NYCB

teeny books: A book blog for the illiterate

leesh782: Just lil' ol' me and my lil' ol' life! :-)

For A Democratic Nepal: In tune with the ongoing movement for democracy in Nepal.

brachiation is the word.: Writer, writer, writer. Expect self-promotion and politicogeeky links galore.

Pontelumes Du Jour: The bloggery of Amy Schulz (aka actress Amy Hoerler)

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Ditmas Avenue | 3 NYCB

Sputnik in Brooklyn: witty? maybe; family guy-obsessed? maybe; still think Jackson is innocent? who cares!

lornagrl: Personal blog of a single, somtimes frustrated wandering aimlessly new yorker.

Urch Blogs: Just a crooklyn girl...taking silly pics.

18 Avenue | 3 NYCB

nit-pick: music, entertainment, and various babbling.

Passionate Life: My thoughts on living a Passionate Life. Dating, interpersonal relationships, personal growth, emotional health, Orthodox Judaism, living a meaningful life, being an INFJ. Life is meant for loving, making the effort, contemplating, growing, striving, glorifying, and most importantly, living passionately!

The Corsair: News and Media

Avenue I | 1 NYCB

Plot Kicks In: Two friends who rarely agree review movies.

Bay Parkway | 1 NYCB

Life or something like it: The semi-frequent ramblings of a bi, sometimes poly, relatively pagan chick struggling in the city

Avenue N | 4 NYCB

An hour of the F Train: An improviser driven crazy by a ridiculous commute

The Interesting Life of ME: ...

Urban Scrawl: *blink*

IceQueen's Fabulous Homepage: Spraying sunshine up people's asses since 1997.

Avenue P | 4 NYCB

Daily Affirmation: Frequently updated blog. Okay, so it's an LJ. Bleh. I used to have a real "website" blog, but I neglected it. I grew up in Park Slope. I don't live there anymore, but I still consider it my neighborhood.

Barely qualifies as news: Home of my random rants and raves. Punch and pie.

ITIS Journal: Issues, things, ideas and stuff I deal with...

Cryptic: i blog O__O;;;

Kings Highway | 6 NYCB

Laruocco Cyber Clone Robot: Art-Literary-Masterpiece Genius

Dating Rules For Sitcoms: Dating or Not Dating in NYC

Ramblings from a walking contradiction: It's my Livejournal, it's about me, it's funny some times, it's boring other times.

Hello Ratty!: I have high hopes that one day my blog will live up to it's potential. It's basically rants from a transplanted DC-ite acclimating to NYC and not driving. It could get better.

laruocco: literary giant

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Avenue U | 1 NYCB

LaLaWood: The amusing musings of a 20-something fledling psychologist, living in the Westside of Los Angeles.

Avenue X | 3 NYCB

Oreo-Speaks Photoblog: A Brooklyn (and elsewhere) photoblog.

Oreo-Speaks: Personal observations and musings.

DarkSun2's LiveJournal: You know--I think I complain too much.

Neptune Avenue | 3 NYCB

Unnamed Blog: My ramblings about music, politics, life in Brooklyn and NYC. It's pretty interesting--check it out. Some profanity though...

simplicity: a collective featuring a journal, photoblog, and meme.

Poor Man's Press: Rants, observations, stories of public and private humilation, reviews, fiction, and art.

West 8 Street - New York Aquarium | 0 NYCB

Coney Island - Stillwell Avenue | 6 NYCB

xing's xanga: i <3 ny

Go Get'em Tiger: Party the baby off.

34: Interested in sophisticated fun?

Essence: I write my personal thoughts hear, don't worry, I'm just really confuzed.

Forever Never: it's amazing.... lots of colors and stuff..lol

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