Grand Concourse / Central Park West Express

205 Street | 7 NYCB

Ya-dah, Ya-dah, Ya-dah: My humdrums drumming.

*Orthodox_Christian*: Daily readings and excerpts from the Early and modern Fathers of the Church.

All about me: The life and times of a twenty-something New Yorker.

Boogie. This is where I write, bitch and moan .. and experiment with my site designs.

fishdawg's on-line debauchery: MY LIFE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Bedford Park Boulevard | 6 NYCB

New York City Rhythm: Thoughts on politics and other topics about Riverdale

vagabond_shoes: Just the life of a normal student of MSU, I suppose.

Ruggerjohnnyd's Gays of our Lives: A not so interesting look into the gay happenings of our gay host's gay life. So here we go. Inspired by some of the extremely creative and interesting blogs that I have read (as well as by some of the more sophomoric, repugnant and idiotic ones too), I have decided to try my own hand at blogging. Hell, I might as well try to put my hand to some sort of productive use.

angry pumpkin: (Husband + Father)Writer / Malcontent = Guy LeCharles Gonzalez

From the mind of: A little of this, a little of that...

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Kingsbridge Road | 5 NYCB

Bloggin from a Bronx Block: My weblog with news, gossip, and thoughts on life, updated daily from the BX.

Slice Of Danny: A place to get a slice of a guy named Danny.

A New Teacher's Journal: A journal following my experiences as a first year teacher at Walton High School.

artistique - these are the times...: a new york city expat living the world over...

Sherine's Words: a jamaican woman's life as told to her friends.

Fordham Road | 17 NYCB

Something Like Tripe: Personal essays and humor columns on the world as I see it.

staying pinoy in new york: a filipino expat trying his best to stay pinoy through fiction and poetry

DVD Picks: Reviews and comments on DVD's

A Play On Words: Senior at Fordham University

Indie Rock Jess: typical LiveJournal friends only, plz.

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182-183 Streets | 0 NYCB

Tremont Avenue | 3 NYCB

The Worst-Case Scenario: MY photographic love of NYC and other stuff.

Inner City Press Bronx Report: Covers The Bronx from high to low, corruption to grassroots creativity, uses the Freedom of Information Act, from poem to rant, and sometimes just... wonder

401: almost-daily weblog of an ordinary girl growing up in the bronx.

174-175 Streets | 2 NYCB

whatcholookin@: come live with me through horrific ish.... good and bad...

red is the color of name: rock and roll listening, air guitar playing, afro wearing, headphones bopping, mumbling puerto rican poet writing online with nothing else to do.

170 Street | 1 NYCB

Massive Boredom: A day in the life...

167 Street | 3 NYCB

bronx mus[eum]ings: musing lovely about bronx museum doings

Agrifonte: MagaZine de contenidos diversos

.::Abstract Divine::.: take a look and gaze into my abstract, ambiguous, nuerotic, strange, peculiar, yet refreshingly eclectic and unpredicitable world.

161 Street - Yankee Stadium | 13 NYCB

MademwazelleNYC: Life of a french girl in NYC

mecrazyme: Just a tid bit of my creativity, every day life and much more

DA BRONX BOMBERS: Humorous News About The New York Yankees With Photo Illustrations

161 and River Ave.: Cotton Candy. Yankees. Extreme Anger.

Unbiased Yankee Fan: Where to get a completely objective view of New York Yankees baseball.

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155 Street | 1 NYCB

T is for Tiger: Sometimes Political. Sometimes Personal. Always Tiger.

145 Street | 13 NYCB

Uptown Flavor: The premier place on the web to find out about the hottest spots in Harlem

anything goes really: anything goes, just like it says.... : )

Momentshowing: Videoblogging

This Lonely Island: Great source for the latest in absurd political and entertainment news

Contemplations: a commentary on the neo-Harlem Renaissance

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125 Street | 13 NYCB

The J.A.P.: The "joys and oys" of the black Jewess, Yolanda Shoshana, founder of J.A.P. (Jewess Arts Project), a program that intersects arts/media and civic dialogue

Gunillocentrism: Diary of a Swedish freelance journalist.

allison1970: Non-sense and meanderigs of a crazy, derranged, and unstable mind. Trying to cope, live, exist in this thing called life. Having a fun-stressed-adventurous time being me.

Theodore is not a Whore.: I'm wanton and wreckless. I'm shy and illiterate.

Singing Chick: Just me griping about the daily grind in life. lol

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59 Street - Columbus Circle | 54 NYCB

New York Fork: Online magazine about restaurants and upcoming events.

Urban Hawks: Urban Hawks and other wildlife in Central Park and NYC

Slack LaLane: Sports, music, politics, news, absurdity, irony, debauchery, chicanery, ribaldry and general crap.

Modern Acropolis: I'm a law student who writes, does hula, and creates.

Manhattan Social: Fun art, dining, and event information about Manhattan.

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7 Avenue | 4 NYCB

Food*City*Bytes: Dedicated to food in all its forms, Food City Bytes reviews restaurants, takes you on photo tours based around a specific type of food and brings you into the kitchen where hilarity ensues. Based in Brooklyn and centered around all food New York.

platinum blonde life: The Platinum Blonde Life is a blog by 23 year old, Melanie Elaine. The blog revolves around fashion, art, and shopping, & NY happenings.

Snoot: Oh, fairly standard fretting.

Subversive by Homosexuality: Thirties gay male searching for meaning; avid Brooklynite.

47-50 Streets - Rockefeller Center | 25 NYCB

unfaithful in nyc: cheating, infidelity, and being generally adulterous in manhattan

otimaster: This blog is dedicated to the memory of all the victims of the intégrisme Muslim, than their sacrifice it does not come forgotten

Robinik: Only 3 words: God Bless America.

Mona's Apple: A NYC restaurant blog. A detailed guide to restaurants in and around the city.

Opinionistas: The bell jar observations of a reluctant junior associate in a Manhattan Law Firm

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42 Street - Bryant Park | 8 NYCB

NRC Handelsblad: New York: Blog by the New York-correspondent for the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad.

Amit Gupta's Blog: A personal blog on marketing and technology.

House 2.0: Amit, Isuru, Aileen, Luke, and Kaily live together near Bryant Park in NYC. This is their blog.

The unknown Naughty Girl: This blog is to share my secret life.... a little bit of "What the fuck?!" mixed with "God that's hot".

The Coolest Girl Ever: I'm a hilarious and awesome girl, and this is my blog. The End. Yay.

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34 Street - Herald Square | 14 NYCB

While you were out...: Your secretary telling on you and the rest of the executives.

Under the Skyscraper: Comments on urban planning, architecture and city life in New York, Toronto and more.

girlspoke: girlspoke...this is no joke.

Kevin McCullough: Daily live blogging on life, pop culture, and politics on New York, the Tri-State area, and the Nation. Also heard on WMCA 570/970 AM weekdays 1-4pm.

Rampant Reviews: My personal reviews (and pictures) of eateries around the City

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