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Seventh Avenue Local Smallhands_ick
The comedic stylings of a comedian.
Seventh Avenue Local Comedy Genius
Jackie Clarke is a writer and actor living in New York City. She has been sued by her step-mother and Eve Ensler.
Seventh Avenue Local trent wolbe
new music, radio, food, brooklyn beaches, photos, fun, friends, fun, radio, food, blogging, photos, music
Seventh Avenue Local trent wolbe
fun, radio, music, electronic music, food, friends, photos, rants abuot the mccorporation government, food, fun, friends, beaches going to the beach
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local frombluebox
Pagina personal y en constante evolución, de lo que pienso, de lo que me hace reír, de lo que me aburre, de lo que odio y sobre todo y con el tiempo mostrar mis trabajos artísticos. Es un hibrido entre web Log y photolog.
Seventh Avenue Local Selfindulgence Blah-g
A blog about Brooklyn, real estate, technology and ideas.
Seventh Avenue Local Friends of Ethiopia::
Friends of Ethiopia:: friends DON'T let friends DIE: ethiopia IS DYING: DON'T SLEEP:: READ for yourself and DO something::
Seventh Avenue Local A Simple Tale of Woe
The first rough draft of my memoirs.
Seventh Avenue Local Citynoise.org
a place where people with a love for the urban form, modern world, or a general appreciation of their environment gather to post stories, narratives and/or photos about favourite cities, hometowns, travels, or current locations.
Seventh Avenue Local Pretentious
A concise and pretentious view of the world (but mainly NYC) from a small mind.
Lexington Avenue Express Catharsis 101
The mental breakdown and regrouping of a Brooklyn Stand-Up Comedian
Seventh Avenue Local oh couldn't you wait
no purpose; no description
Seventh Avenue Local Transfer
a critic of electronic music and sometimes architecture...
Seventh Avenue Local rubyisresilient
boring stuff about school and my roommate.
Seventh Avenue Local Ms. Ridiculous
Because what is life but an enduring state of abject absurdity?
Seventh Avenue Local Rick's Cafe Americain
Comedy, poker and liberal politics.
Seventh Avenue Local Cartharsis 101
The mental breakdown and regrouping of a Brooklyn Comedian
Lexington Avenue Express Buttercup's online diary
Ranting for your reading pleasure
Seventh Avenue Local davebgimp
Not quite daily snapshots from a manic, derelict eyeball licking, squirrel fondling graphic slave in NYC
Seventh Avenue Local Hairy Eyeball
The war on terror and the death of irony. Brooklyniasis.
Seventh Avenue Local gothamite
personalized musings on anything that comes to mind.
Seventh Avenue Local Lowco. Labs
The Labs features experiments in art, audio, video, and web-based projects.
Seventh Avenue Local house arrest
sometimes funny. sometimes quirky. always honest.
Seventh Avenue Local Birding, bad dogs, and bitchin
Birding, pit bull fandom, pet finch stories, MS Flight Simulator voyages. Started 7/13/03.
Seventh Avenue Local WhatsAPundit
Politics, culture, and geek-related goodness.
Seventh Avenue Local Watching...Waiting
Watching and waiting for you, for me, for us, for something... magical to happen
Seventh Avenue Local How to be a Rock Star
Communiques from comedian/musician Rob Paravonian
Seventh Avenue Local Pigs & Fishes Weblog
Snippets of webbage.

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