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Seventh Avenue Local in between days
rants, raves, reviews and the insignificant details that make life more interesting
Seventh Avenue Local Veg Glutton's Bursting Lunchbox
A Brooklynite eats NYC: food reviews, calendars, musings, and more
Seventh Avenue Local Taty's Blog
Arts, Politcs, Technology, Martial Arts with a touch of fun :)
Seventh Avenue Local a southern gal in the north
adventures in life, music and work of a southern gal in the north
Seventh Avenue Local Maggie Is Restless
More drinking, less driving.
Seventh Avenue Local Banana Nutrament
Banana Nutrament is an MP3 blog with a diaristic take on music, bands, happenings, and life in NYC.
Seventh Avenue Local attitude/vicissitude
Young, sparse blog by a mid-30s, skinny man
Seventh Avenue Local Thinking Machinima..,
Paul Marino's insights into Machinima and its related subjects.
Seventh Avenue Local Colby & Beyond!
Rantings of a conservative, libertarian college student. Republican yet still an authentic Park Sloper.
Seventh Avenue Local The Reader Friendly
A place where books were reviewed first and then movies, events and TV shows...
Seventh Avenue Local Douglas Rushkoff's Blog
An author thinks out loud about stuff.
Seventh Avenue Local Jewguy
The Cyclones, movies, NPR, diners, and monogamous life in the Slope
Seventh Avenue Local *Bengali in Platforms*
rantings and ravings of a random student
Seventh Avenue Local moufaisbad
gayhomogirl with errata including but not limited to: pictures, stories, love and hate in equal amounts, featuring words not used in polite company so do not give my mother this link
Seventh Avenue Local hippodrome
musings from a member of the elite east coast league of alpha justice teamforce.
Seventh Avenue Local prospect park views
what's happening in my world - in and around park slope
Seventh Avenue Local As I Please
Humor, right-of-center politics (mostly) and Popeyes Fried Chicken
Seventh Avenue Local Re:Joyce! Bloomsday turns 100
In anticipation of the 100th anniversary of Bloomsday, we're reading James Joyce's Ulysses, meeting weekly to discuss, and blogging thoughts in the interim.
Seventh Avenue Local armchairpsychiatrist
Deals with real problems without the fakery, gimmicks and fraudulent nature of "establishement" therapy.
Seventh Avenue Local Pink Duct
Apply Liberally
Seventh Avenue Local This is Diego.
I'm living in NYC and trying to make the most of everything here. Good times and simple pleasures are the root of my happiness.
Seventh Avenue Local The First Part
The daily events and thoughts of a twenty-something Prospect Heights blogger.
Seventh Avenue Local Taty's Arts and Politics Blog
Arts and politics blog with a touch of fun.
Seventh Avenue Local get stellar with me
my ramblings and photography, vagabonding stories from around the world and a music review or two
Seventh Avenue Local Drummerboy
From Philly to Brooklyn
Seventh Avenue Local Jason Brome's Weblog
An English Technologist in New York...
Seventh Avenue Local urlgreyhot
a diary
Seventh Avenue Local The DMZ
The only webpage devoted to devincf. Archives of my reviews and articles from other sources, and views on the world around me.
Seventh Avenue Local authenticmutt
mac osx news from around the web.
Seventh Avenue Local bazima chronicles
the blog doll of the new york press, 'bazima' (a nickname that's a euphemism for bazima) takes on dating in new york city with attitude, honesty, self-effacing humor and take-no-prisoners style. she's also foxy and has good taste in music. get in bed with her at
Seventh Avenue Local Blue Bloggy
New links to other sites of interest semi-daily, with the occasional indulgent journal-type entries. I try for funny!
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local modeknit musings
all about my wacky knitting stuff.
Seventh Avenue Local Hector Rottweiller Jr's. Web Log
No charming snippets of "everyday life" but relentless hostility towards all that makes everyday day the stream of trivia it is--including those precious snippets.
Seventh Avenue Local Hippo Dignity
Thoughts on technology, literature, information design, and the miscellany of existence.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Gideon's Blog
Overly-lengthy ruminations on Judaism, Israel, Politics, Art The War, The Situation - the usual list.
Seventh Avenue Local A piece of me
Musings of a Park Slope Yuppie
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local randomly ever after
A lot of dog walking and condom avoidance in Prospect Park.
Seventh Avenue Local Neffervision
30+ years of statistical-madness, xylophone-playing, shoe-hoarding, call-option-analyzing, cross-country-airplane-travel, green-tea-(iced)-imbibing, Stuckey's-eschewing and other types of ephemera and nonsense
Seventh Avenue Local straight from the source
digital sketchbook. Freeform journeys in graphic design, random thoughts. prospect heights in the hizzie!
Seventh Avenue Local Lawrence Quigley
Some people have a place in this world, mine is on a magnetic disk
Seventh Avenue Local excited utterances
sociological and psychological outlook of law firm knowledge management
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local multiplybyblog
graphic design, personal interests, general rambling.
Seventh Avenue Local Jenburgess
General music ramblings for the most part
Seventh Avenue Local sogalknits
a southern gal in the north knits...
Seventh Avenue Local xtcian
Sarcasm, film, depression and delight. NOT a Christian or raver drug blog, though I'm told those work for some people. Originally a diary about going on the antidepressant Celexa, it is now about everything on earth.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local sugarhigh
(( i have two subways stops! g.a.p. on the 1/2 or 7th ave. on the f train )) my blog stuff. descriptions, bah!
Seventh Avenue Local Ishbadiddle
An occasional report on ephemeral things
Seventh Avenue Local Bronson VS God
Chongs, chit, etc...

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