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Broadway Express / Brighton Local big fat chinese wedding
A blog to record what is supposed to be a memorable (and hopefully fun) time in my life; to share with the world the seemingly odd customs, processes, trials and whatever else, that is known to many Chinese brides (and what I believe to be especially unique to Chinese American ones); to spread any wisdom that I may gain from planning a crazy shindig; and at the very least, to vent. In other words, all the reasons why a sane person would elope.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local UrbanUniverse.TV Multimedia Forum
Experience, first-hand, the hottest trends worldwide. Share multimedia thoughts, ideas and opinions on Urban life, free video uploads you can post in your blog too.
Seventh Avenue Local Did You Know?
An informative site with content that provides interesting facts to know, learn and/or ponder about, at a level of coverage that is extensive in all subject areas to reach a wide audience.
Seventh Avenue Express The Agency Blog
A fun and random view into life at an interactive agency based in Dallas with an office in Times Square.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Steeplechaser
Blogging Eddie Steeples, the actor/rapper/artist best known (so far) as OfficeMax's Rubberband Man.
Seventh Avenue Local Drama Queen in NYC
Just about me and the dramas of living in NYC.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Steeplechaser
Blogging Eddie Steeples, the actor/rapper/artist best known (so far) as OfficeMax's Rubberband Man.
Queens Boulevard / Broadway / 4 Avenue Local Vive Nueva York Blogs
Vive-Nueva-York hosts several blogs for New York City tourists who tell their experiences in the city in Spanish.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local La bitácora de AJVC
Actualidad, política, cultura, derechos humanos, ..., todo esto y más en la bitácora de AJVC
Seventh Avenue Local Comic Book Commentary
Reviews (current and retro), commentary and interviews on comic books and related randomonia. Because the internet has a shortage of such things!
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local A bit of red in the Big Apple
There are a million liberal blogs in NYC. This isn't one of them.
Broadway Express / Brighton Local NYC Writers Blog
An off-shoot of the NYC Writers Group Website, this blog features publishing-related news and links.
Seventh Avenue Express Art Journeys and Conversation
Artist Josse Ford journeys to remote and wild places to paint on location. Join us for conversation on the nature of art and writing to inspire the Soul.
Astoria / Broadway / Sea Beach Local Morbid Tears PhotoBlog
Often updated, image only blog
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Visual Music
A visual diary of one girl's journey to adulthood.
Astoria / Broadway / West End Express What Am I Doing Here?
Well-travelled woman coming to rest in NYC
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local The Homeless Guy In NYC
An Alaskan Native's Destitute Life in NYC.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Jenny Blogs
Welcome to my cyberworld. A generation X twenty-five year old's personal blog, fusion on thoughts, ideas, journals, adventures through life. Embracing quarter-life, generation x/e, entrepreneurship, love, life, femininity, the arts, pop culture, cyberculture. Trying to find myself, mold myself, better myself, sharing thoughts, feelings, opinions, blogging with other bloggers through lifes experiences, through lifes adventures.
Seventh Avenue Express NYC Arrived
Misadventures in NYC
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local James Christian: The Homeless Guy In NYC
An Alaskan Native's Destitute life in NYC.
Queens Boulevard / Broadway / 4 Avenue Local My life in two suitcases...
Artsy Farty Chick
Seventh Avenue Express Daily Refill
pop culture, writings, images, contributer columns on everything (music, tv, life...)
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local The Gulles Hornebooke
The same ol' bibble babble.... but with a new look.
Flushing Local Mercy Me
College student, in love with history, theater, film, art, city life, cultures, and food which, even though I'm in The City, the college factor overrides that...unfortunately.
Seventh Avenue Express Innermost Thought
A Texan falls in love....with New York City.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local James Christian: The Homeless Guy In NYC
A Native Alaskan guy's homeless daily logs in NYC.
Seventh Avenue Local Seventy Two
A semi daily weblog of a 30'ish divorced (and loving it) mom of three.
Seventh Avenue Local James Christian - The Homeless Guy In NYC
I am Homeless and blogging at the internet cafe.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local The Official Jamie Leigh Website
Official website and diary of Jamie Leigh the Madonna of the internet.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local .::Behind Bars::.
Bartender/Author, Ty Wenzel's Weekly tirade on life, writing and booze.
Astoria / Broadway / Sea Beach Local Pensamientos pasajeros
La vida y las tribulaciones de una extranjera en NY y NJ
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local eclectomaniac.
Insight into the world as I see it.
Astoria / Broadway / Sea Beach Local Choppingboard
recipe, food, parenting...
Broadway Express / Brighton Local Sociopathocracy
Commentary, by a young, pissed-off crank.
Seventh Avenue Local Stereogum
Rock gossip, humor, and daily musings.
Flushing Local sad rantings
Typical blog of a possibly not-so-typical boy.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Cut the Shit
Sometimes you will die laughing. Sometimes you will die crying. All the time you will become addicted to my poop.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Eso que llaman mi vida
Blogging from Spain and missing old days in Nyc. In Spanish.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Evie's Blog
my personal blog about me and my life
Flushing Local SF's Finest
Something different for a change.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local anonymous obsessions
Sex and the City meets...Felicity?
Astoria / Broadway / West End Express Mister Swill
Mister Swill is now a full-time New Yorker. He posts from Bryant Park whenever he can (thank you, nycwireless.com).
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Brutally Honest
Brutally Honest reviews of the TV, books, movies, and theatre. We say the things that most critics are scared to say because we have no financial interest in any of this..
Broadway Express / Brighton Local junior high pants
rants, haikus, updates of my life, links to hilarious things
Queens Boulevard / Broadway / 4 Avenue Local My Simultaneous Self
An open examination of a suburban 30-something man as he slogs through another day.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local WarLog: World War III
The war, media, the web, and whatever
Queens Boulevard / Broadway / 4 Avenue Local Random Thoughts by C. Solly
Keep tabs on me and my whereabouts, what I do in the city and when I venture outside the metro area. Interesting links, funny stories, a debate or two. Mostly personal stuff, but please, come on in. I have a spicy group of friends participating.
Seventh Avenue Express Blank0's photoblog
Photography of all descriptions...
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Catigula's Joint
This is a journal of daily ramblings. Please read these entries at your leisure and comment freely.

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