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Seventh Avenue Express CUSS & Other Rants
If bikini and Brazilian waxes strike terror into your heart, join the Campaign! Resist the mass of hairless lemmings!
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Ivy Insider
Advice on the college admissions process.
Seventh Avenue Local NYC Poker
Discussions of NYC poker clubs, and poker in genral...also some pro boxing posts
Seventh Avenue Express nycricket
Cricket rocks Man!
Seventh Avenue Express mediagirl blog
former NYC music biz wonkette and Silicon Alley entrepreneur who just gave up the Upper West Side apartment she was illegally subletting for the last 10 years because she now lives/blogs in Alaska.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Blah Blah Freaking Blah
Rantings of a NYC curmudgeon
Seventh Avenue Express Dude, where's my city?
New Yorkers won't recognize this city by the time Michael Bloomberg is finished with it. A chronicle of the destruction of New York as we know it.
Seventh Avenue Express Dude, where's my city?
New Yorkers won't recognize this city by the time Michael Bloomberg is finished with it. A chronicle of the destruction of New York as we know it.
Seventh Avenue Local Broken Bread
A single father's thoughts on non-custodial parenting, work, life, love, and faith.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local courting destiny
my new york, politics, adoption, grief, life, aging, friendships, ny in the '70's and '80's
Seventh Avenue Express the apple cored
essays, self-deprecating humor, some experiences of a canadian in nyc
Seventh Avenue Express The Bi Guy
Straight down the middle on just about everything; life as seen from a bisexual p.o.v.
Seventh Avenue Express The Evangelist
Yet Another Highly Officious Online Repository of Personal Preferences
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local A New York Escorts Confessions
Online journal of Alexa, a twenty-something escort who loves Prada, Seven jeans, and Jimmy Choos.
Seventh Avenue Local The Arcane & the Profane
BDSM, neoconservative politics, and whatever else is on my mind.
Seventh Avenue Express The Bi Guy
Opinionated, irreverent, and straight down the middle. The Bisexual Blog of Record of the Internet...for people who get it, people who don't, and people who just can't get any.
Seventh Avenue Local via gina
lots o' links and tales of boys, burritos, rock 'n roll, cockroaches, corporate whores, and occasional nervous breakdowns.
Seventh Avenue Express verbungle
It is about art, softball, prognostication, pathos, heroes, North Florida, photography, and interactivity. But most of all it's about New York.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Notes from the Underemployed
An underemployed New Yorker posits deep thoughts about liminal subjects, while mis-using big words such as "liminal" and "posit."
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local courting destiny
first amendment, New York stories, adoption aging journal 9/11 liberal
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local loci-herein
This blog is a compendium of ideas, thoughts, discussion, and tidbits. Relevance is of little relevance. If it is important then it should be posted, if it is unimportant then it should be posted so that it may become important. The only conditions is that the post be logical- if it can't be logical then magical, and if not magical then legible.
Seventh Avenue Express Spylawg
Scouting the world of spyware and the law from the upper west side
Seventh Avenue Express Rants, Rambles, and Ruminations
Thoughts on sports, culture, polticics, and miscellany.
Seventh Avenue Express Greek Tragedy
Honest accounts of the day in the life of a sexy blogging woman
Seventh Avenue Local Patent Pending
Being a young, incompetent attorney in NYC is hard. Come by and share some love.
Seventh Avenue Express Wi-Fi Salon Verdi Square
This blog is being created in conjunction with a Hot Spot we are creating at the 72nd Street stop ( Verdi Square ). This will be a service for ALL bloggers
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Violentvioletsky's Journal (AKA, the procrastinator extraordinare)
Ah ye...the (mis)adventures of a hispanic teenage grrrl who's bipolar, bisexual, pseudo-artsy, highly obsessive, and a silly femme-nist who loves to procrastinate. Only for the brave! (or really bored)
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Frost Street
The culinary adventures of a New York City lawyer
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local ikkyu2
I write about things.
Seventh Avenue Local Phoblography
Dedicated to photographs taken in NYC.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Where the Poor and the Hipsters Meet
Just a place to share my inconsequental and trivial thoughts with anyone who will bother to read the words of an optimist.
Seventh Avenue Express Bookenomics & Policulture TEST
Bookenomics & Policulture: An interior monoblogue of profound simplifications.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local The Gotham Diva Universe
The all-too-true tales of a diva in the City.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Pessimistic Optimism
The daily thoughts and observations of a staunch, yet notoriously pessimistic, optimist. (Or is that a notoriously optimistic pessimist?)
Seventh Avenue Local Gothamist - A New York Group Blog
Gothamist is a collaborative blog written by Jen Chung, Jake Dobkin, and their New York friends. It's as if Gawker and Metafilter got together and had a very cute, very small, and very angry baby.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local mrtrinity
why i love my local deli
Seventh Avenue Local True Amsterdam
Real New York Stories, observed or overheard... A different kind of blog.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Adventures of an Insecure Narcissist
Fear. Loathing. Insecurity. Mania. And love. Mostly it's about the love. With a healthy mix of bitterness, rejection, self-deprecation, delusions of grandeur, and bloated egotism all seen through the lens of an ex film student. But it's mostly about the love.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Frankenstein
Photography, travel, food, opera, and anything else shiny that catches my eye. And lots of mission creep.
Seventh Avenue Express Noodle Waves
The narcissistic and exhibitionistic ramblings of a mid-twenties, peanut butter loving grad student chick.
Seventh Avenue Local GothamObserver
Pithy musings from one of Gotham's scariest scribes.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local plastic flowers,falling trees
a girl, a computer and a blog. Life is a $5 cab ride from where you are now
Seventh Avenue Express SolarAbsorber
Just the ramblings of another Manhattanite. Life and Times of the Upper West Side.
Seventh Avenue Express YouSeeMe2
my daily's
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Reisman
Incredibly humorous writings.
Seventh Avenue Express Steve's Blog (yeah, really original)
Just random ramblings - nothing too terribly exciting (yet)...
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local NYC Aesthete
Observations on life from a not-yet bitter fag on the Upper West Side. Expect excessive ruminations on pop culture, male models, Madonna and sex.
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Bartenders & Patrons
Bartender news from the best drink-slingers in Gotham
Seventh Avenue Express Closeknit
A knitting blog! (at least for now)
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local PaulKatcher.com
A warehouse of weirdness: a mixture of fun links, sports, news, interviews and bikini girls
Seventh Avenue Local The ArisBlog
The personal and philsophical musings of Frank Palmer Purcell.
Seventh Avenue Express techInterview
Answers to technical interview questions.
Seventh Avenue Express Werblog
Kevin Werbach's personal Weblog
Broadway - 7 Avenue Local Altercation
Media, Politics, and Culture
Seventh Avenue Express The Fifty Minute Hour
Young and heady with freedom, libertarian Amy Phillips comments on the events of the world and the stupidity of others.
Seventh Avenue Local Silent in the Morning
Events from my personal life.

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