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6 Avenue Local all grown ups are pirates
stuff that i that is good. and some good ole' fashioned news
6 Avenue Local Charles Bronson VS God
Chongs and Chit.
6 Avenue Local Snob in the City
Fully committed to the New York lifestyle of dating, drinking wine, compusively shoe shopping, dancing on couches, dining at resturants where all I can afford is an appetizer and a bottle of wine, then working hard to support it all. That's me!
6 Avenue Local vandf
A couple living in LES - moved from LA. Share in our 'adventures' :-)
6 Avenue Local Adventures from the LES
The NY adventures of 2 guys living on the LES.
6 Avenue Local The Music Of What Happens
I live in New York. I work in the theater in some esoteric fields. I own a cat. I'm bad at sports.
6 Avenue Local This blog is pre-war (of the worlds, starring Tom Cruise)
This recently born blog enjoys making fun of other blogs, other people, itself, and people who can't defend themselves.
6 Avenue Local ChubberBlub
one girl's cravings and how she satisfies them.
6 Avenue Local ChubberBlub
one girl's cravings and how she satisfies them.
6 Avenue Local Ensuing Hijinks: a little bit of knowledge will destroy you
I have an Asian mullet.
6 Avenue Local I can change this later, right?
I wish this was a blog about puppies; instead it seems to be a blog about pop culture and making fun of people. Eh, you win some you lose some.
6 Avenue Local Script
NYC med student writes about medicine, life in hospital and music.
6 Avenue Local watchholly
ssentially, the concept is this: I'm going to chronicle various life milestones from the big-ass ones (getting married) to the less big-ass (learning to drive). Once I've achieved said milestone, I'll archive that project and start on the next one.
6 Avenue Local Ghetto River Nymph
Adventures in neurosurgeryland: disability fun and life with syringomyelia, Chiari malformation, and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, with some TV worship thrown in for good measure.
6 Avenue Local Cole Slaw Blog
Politics, press, books, bars, and whatever stupid news catches our eyes.
6 Avenue Local Jessy Delfino's Blog
My blog is an on-line version of my big, filthy mouth, my dirty folk rock songs and the life and times of a starving stand-up comedian and artist.
6 Avenue Local New York Stories
German Expat writing about what he sees and how he thinks about it
6 Avenue Local how can i not be myself?
"If you get lost between the moon and New York City, the best that you can do is fall in love." These are the specific, random musings of a twenty-something actor/sexy girlfriend/mama to a cutie Boston Terrier/good listenin' bitch/office drone/ cocktail sipping/wine guzzling/alternative health loving/organic eating woman of her own mind- loving life in New York City. I have been afraid of writing my whole life so here I am facing my fears. Or something like that.
6 Avenue Local Rachelle Nicolette
Lawyer. Filipina. West Coast transplant. Former guitar slinger.
6 Avenue Local Please stop throwing rocks at my head.
I'm so depressed.
6 Avenue Local girlhattan
pop culture junkie native new york girl
6 Avenue Local kimba, not not the white lion.
ex-SF resident still wet behind the (y)ears in NYC. Please show me the way.
6 Avenue Local Anonymity as Identity's LiveJournal
The everyday rantings/ravings/humorous findings of a red-headed apprenticing tattoo artist!
6 Avenue Local Let the Good Times Roll
A daily romp through the lower east side with a tour guide who doesn't know his ass from his elbow.
6 Avenue Local
Colorful, daily, and live from the LES.
6 Avenue Local OCD Blogger
Obsessive observations about compulive behavior, mostly non political, about the city and life in it.
6 Avenue Local kimba's journal
Hopefully this will inspire me to write more in my journal again.. then again, maybe not. Read the backlogs the meantime..
6 Avenue Local alq
Some pix, random rumblings, some in french
6 Avenue Local Wisdm
Barnyard Obsessions.
6 Avenue Local OCD Blogger
Obsessions, compulsions, and the things in New York City that feed mine.
6 Avenue Local Defend Columbia
Defend Columbia
6 Avenue Local thickeye
art, media, sex, culture.
6 Avenue Local manic mess
my manic messy life. shows, parties, and other boring stuff.
6 Avenue Local Cupcake
Cupcake is a blog for the reading series that takes place at Lolita.
6 Avenue Local watch me turn 30
Watch (and read about) one New Yorker's year leading up to the big 3-0.
6 Avenue Local Section Six
The only creative outlet of a chronically bored, easily frustrated, openly solipsistic law student-dilettante.
6 Avenue Local Dirty Libertine
The observations of a sexually explorative college student.
6 Avenue Local aris goes electronic
aris goes electronic... the random musings of cool chic looking to make a lasting impression...
6 Avenue Local taleoftwocities
Two losers bullshit about NYC and LA. Hijinx ensue.
6 Avenue Local Sarah's So Boring Ever Since She Stopped Drinking
This is a blog about my sobriety - it's boring.
6 Avenue Local The Blair 81tch
My rarely written in xanga. joy.
6 Avenue Local noahpersonal
i put things here i find interesting so i can find them again. sometimes other people come too. or so the tracker implies.
6 Avenue Local EverythingNY
Everything New York, or at least anything that seems interesting at the time.
6 Avenue Local Ari Paparo Dot Com
Internet business stuff, random other bits
6 Avenue Local Brain Bleed
my life, my rants and a whole bunch of l'esprit d'escalier
6 Avenue Local Jol's New York Minutes
Jol used to be a Cubby Creature in San Francisco; now he's bringing the Cubby to New York and chronicling his adventures and impressions here in JNYM.
6 Avenue Local KraZeePuNkGrL
Not Ur Avg Subway Chic
6 Avenue Local MarkAllenCam
From the dying refuge of a live cam site rises the phoenix of a blog... born screaming and flailing like a retard on speed ... birth-ed out of necessity, commerce, want, boredom and revenge. Don't step on the after birth... Enjoy!
6 Avenue Local You Know Its True
This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About. What happened to you today? Drop English Right About Now. Based on the LES, with contributors all over the US.
6 Avenue Local Show World
Blog about the life of a twentysomething downtown Manhattan gay boy.
6 Avenue Local Rantings of The Lo
Daily rants about the state of Asian America, Culinary & Cooking, Corporate America, the Manhattan social life, Tech & Net, & whatever else I want...
6 Avenue Local blisswords
A unique way of looking at words.
6 Avenue Local all I ever wanted
just enough education to perform
6 Avenue Local dodai
musings. style: either terse and succinct or lazy and undisciplined. depends on how you look at it.
6 Avenue Local
Musings from an English journalist living and working in New York
6 Avenue Local jimslog
Notes from an amateur weblog software designer with links to technical matters of interest including: scripting, networking, wireless, open source, os x, etc...
6 Avenue Local weblog
Mine is part of the over all website. Then I found NYC bloggers and became a follower and no longer a leader.
6 Avenue Local likeanorb
It is a winning cake.
6 Avenue Local catherine's pita
photos, links, and stories about my life. hey world, check ME out.
6 Avenue Local Below 14th
Two weblogs: one general interest; one culinary weblog offering notes from the food and victual scene in Downtown Manhattan.

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