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8 Avenue Express The J.A.P.
The "joys and oys" of the black Jewess, Yolanda Shoshana, founder of J.A.P. (Jewess Arts Project), a program that intersects arts/media and civic dialogue
8 Avenue Express Gunillocentrism
Diary of a Swedish freelance journalist.
8 Avenue Express allison1970
Non-sense and meanderigs of a crazy, derranged, and unstable mind. Trying to cope, live, exist in this thing called life. Having a fun-stressed-adventurous time being me.
8 Avenue Express Theodore is not a Whore.
I'm wanton and wreckless. I'm shy and illiterate.
8 Avenue Express Singing Chick
Just me griping about the daily grind in life. lol
Grand Concourse / Central Park West Express Uptown Nocturnal
Cityscapes, interiors, people and everything in between from a Harlem perspective.
Grand Concourse / Central Park West Express Life is a Journey
photojournal of my new life in new york city
8 Avenue Express raised by pigeons
the outcome of an urban bird upbringing
8 Avenue Express Narcissism101
One DJ's quest to talk about himself...and others in gay NYC.
8 Avenue Express Coney Island of the Mind
Writer and photographer in love with the city after 10 long years of living here and telling you why. And other stuff.
8 Avenue Express david ross official journal
singer/songwriter and ex pop star(!?) from the UK, delves into pop culture, Saturn returns , spiritual quandaries and more... oh what fun!
8 Avenue Express Ghost inthe Machine
Conjuring Political, Cinematic, Cultural, and Athletic Arcana since 1999
Canadian in New York for a year, discoveries, musings and adventures.

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