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Lexington Avenue Express WebMachiavelli
Just a daily jumble that is my life. Not to mention the name dropping and adventures of a bartender on the edge.
Lexington Avenue Express Brand Noise
A blog about brands and the evolution of advertising.
Lexington Avenue Express COACD
confessions of a casting director, models, gossip, gay and more
Lexington Avenue Local The Way Things Are
personal blog and pop culture news
Broadway Express / Brighton Local girlbomb
A feminist writer volunteers at the shelter where she used to live; also reviews books, rants, dotes on her cats, and occasionally acknowledges things like global politics and reality TV.
Broadway Express / Brighton Local The Wednesday Chef
A Food Section Face-Off between New York and Los Angeles
Lexington Avenue Local PONYtales
This is POrtland-NYc style - PONY. Urban energy + outdoor refreshment, big names mingling with creative start-ups, the concrete jungle meets green design.
14 Street - Canarsie Local NYC Scribbles
Scribbles from NYC. DJing, drinking, art, books, stayinp up late and sometimes falling down.
Lexington Avenue Local Championable | Fatherhood, Parenting, Liberal Politics
I'm a pro-choice, pro-gay, hetero Catholic father of 3. With hypomania. Rock on.
Lexington Avenue Local La Pauline
Life on Planet Pauline. With Photos.
Lexington Avenue Express Coram Vobis
A writ of error directed at you.
Lexington Avenue Local La Pauline
The Online Home of Pauline M.
14 Street - Canarsie Local juju
it's just all the boring stuff I'm up to...
Lexington Avenue Local My Daily Mishaps, Musings, and Obssesions
The daily mishaps, musings, and obsessions of a fashion designer
14 Street - Canarsie Local The *East Village* Blog
Some of the most repected authors/artists/personalitites in the EV today bring you information you can't find anywhere else
Lexington Avenue Express sketchgrrl
Raw foods, topical observations, humor
Lexington Avenue Express RawStyle
style, raw foods, clean environment, pop culture
Lexington Avenue Express The Mark of Kane
aimless ramblings of an ancient mind
Lexington Avenue Express shame is so in this season
i judge me too... an escapist's commentary on the world that obviously revolves around her.
Lexington Avenue Express fatkitty.org
making the move from poverity to prosperity
Lexington Avenue Local Super Jellyfish
a super jellyfish living in Manhattan...
14 Street - Canarsie Local Governance Focus
A governance location where the focus is corporate and board governance issues worldwide. Information will be obtained from many sources and authors, so as to provide a wide range of information, opinion and clarity.
Lexington Avenue Local my life as a cookie
it's a blog
14 Street - Canarsie Local Wonderland of Not
personal ramlings of an nyu student
Lexington Avenue Local Musings
From Upper W. Side singer to Lower E. Side drifter. Daily musings of an idealist living in a fallen utopia.
14 Street - Canarsie Local Celebrity Cola
A slipshod agnostic guide to the universe. A weblog with issues. And uncarbonated news and reviews, straight from the can.
Queens Boulevard / Broadway / 4 Avenue Local The All Menzie Blob
Pretty much everything, since my interests are varied. There is a slight slant towards music, movies, and current affairs.
14 Street - Canarsie Local NYfrog
A Croak from New York, Capital of Europe
14 Street - Canarsie Local Kadoom Español
Una perspectiva desde fuera, de más ayá de las fronteras políticas, culturales y geográficas. Es decir ...así lo veo!
14 Street - Canarsie Local Kadoom
To provide a perspective from the outside, beyond the confines of the usual political, cultural and geographic boundaries. This is ...as I see it!
14 Street - Canarsie Local Jannersguide
When in doubt...for a listing of Music, Events, News, Parties... Jannersguide!!!
Lexington Avenue Express Blog of Brian McGinnis
The personal writings of Webmaster and sailing enthusiast Brian McGinnis.
Astoria / Broadway / Sea Beach Local Nervous Breakdown
dictae of a New York City-ensconced worried gay.
Lexington Avenue Local Alter Me Reset Your dials
An overdramtic writer who writes about poetry,love, life, poker and politics
Lexington Avenue Local My Not So Secret Spastic Life
A blog about nothing and everything and anything in between. Sex, NYC, constant thinking, why bald men do the comb-over, whatever's on her mind is in her blog.
Lexington Avenue Local Lux Legis
Light of the Law... A recent law graduate sorts out the mysteries of Mistress Law... and some inner gremlins come along for the ride.
Lexington Avenue Local BrainBlog
News about our knowledge of the brain and behavior.
Lexington Avenue Express Not Your Father's Blog
Debunking and Debating every day things humorously
Astoria / Broadway / Sea Beach Local The Comfort Zone
A sexy tragedy - my personal foibles spiced up with photos of sexy men for entertainment purposes
Astoria / Broadway / Sea Beach Local A Life In White Balance
the ramblings and life experiences of a cameraman.
Astoria / Broadway / Sea Beach Local Harry's Blog
Condensing Fact from the Vapor of Nuance
Lexington Avenue Express Life in nyc
adventures of a new new yorker written by a former texan
Lexington Avenue Local Guided by Psychos
The adventures of a mostly-blind Irish guy in NY, and the well-meaning but obvious nutcases I contantly meet thereof.
Lexington Avenue Local Dead Frog - A Comedy Blog
A blog that dissects comedy and then attempts to reassemble comedy into bizarre Frankenstein-like creations that are, strangely enough, funny as well.
Lexington Avenue Express Conspicuous Consumerism
Conspicuous Consumerism
Lexington Avenue Local AlterMe
Musings of a Lower East Side poet, student and performer
Lexington Avenue Local Musings
Personal journal of rants and less violent thoughts. Not too political, not too correct.
14 Street - Canarsie Local Wonderland or Not
personal blog
Lexington Avenue Local Street Whispers
We bring the frank, open and spin free thoughts, challenging the status quo. Nothing and no one or topic is off limits. Its the street remember. Your displeasure we post too.
Astoria / Broadway / Sea Beach Local Central Village
News from the Central Village
14 Street - Canarsie Local Sinker
sinking into pop culture
14 Street - Canarsie Local One night in Bangkok -- New York State of Mind
The trials and tribulations of a single woman living first in Bangkok and then in New York City.
Astoria / Broadway / Sea Beach Local mochiapple's musings
a corporate peon's thoughts and ideas - just a girl in nyc
Broadway Express / Brighton Local ruxpbin firewater
completely inconsistent
Lexington Avenue Local rich's bitches
personal blog of a 30-something straight asian male, brought up near NYC but recently transplanted back after 10 yrs in SF
Lexington Avenue Express Adverse Possessor
Taking over Blackacre since 1976.
Lexington Avenue Express KTB
a site for those whose interests include but are not limited to public drunkeness, lewd behavior, debauchery, donkey humping, and the occasional glimpse into life in the big city.
14 Street - Canarsie Local nit-pick
snarking on entertainment related things and random entertaining babbling.
14 Street - Canarsie Local saywhatnowguy
my blog. oh i'm steven from ny, ny. goin' to school for video stuff and a buddy of mine said this was a good way to me (girls/women/hotties) umm people. so whats ya say. i say what i want you say what you want and everybody better listen or at least read. and spelling doesn't count!
Lexington Avenue Express SubwaySpot.com Blog
Subwayspot.com Transit Blog
Astoria / Broadway / Sea Beach Local AbsolutCindylu
Diarrhea bloggings of me. Updated frequently enough!
Lexington Avenue Express César Alvarez Yap-Fest
personal and political blatherings of a cartoonish and strangely enticing new york singer/songwriter/saxophonist. stories, lyrics and diatribes galore.
Broadway Express / Brighton Local Youthful Doctor
The best years of my life in the best city in the world.
Lexington Avenue Local The Butcher
thoughts from a sober butch
Astoria / Broadway / West End Express Pleonatic Ephemera
New York City's only blog by a 20-something underemployed graduate.
Lexington Avenue Local how you want that
football.film.music.tv.lomo.and me.
Lexington Avenue Express Stone
Internet business, East Village and The Bowery, Finance and Libertarian politics
14 Street - Canarsie Local aLpHaDiSiAc
Poetic device Sure to entice The indigenous people of… welcome to my world
Queens Boulevard / Broadway / 4 Avenue Local twistedfans.com
sports, random things, whatever
Lexington Avenue Local EastSouthWestNorth
Global culture, media, politics, economics and sociology
Lexington Avenue Local erock.org :: nothing. absolutely nothing.
just another set of ramblings from someone that wonders about the importance of blogs...
Lexington Avenue Express Silent Whispers
art/photo blog and other ramblings
Lexington Avenue Local Happiness of Being an American
Liberal politics
Lexington Avenue Express laid-off dad
I'm a dad, and I just got laid off from a terrible job. Life is pretty sweet.
14 Street - Canarsie Local Food Obsessed Girl
Hot food, hot girl, hot blog.
Broadway Express / Brighton Local spencer ...
Less blogging, per se, but more shameless promotion of my gigs and such. OK, I suppose I vent every now and then.
Astoria / Broadway / Sea Beach Local superHYPERdemonchild
law student teetering on the edge of sanity
Broadway Express / Brighton Local Love, Life and Other Oddities
An American Warrior Princess takes on Manhattan and any other island that gets in her way, or looks for an excuse to talk about sex
Lexington Avenue Local julez.org
Because every nyc gal deserves a pair of Choos.
14 Street - Canarsie Local Love it up y'all
Musings of a southern expatriate coping with life and love north of the Mason-Dixon
14 Street - Canarsie Local Blue Fuzzy Cat's Crazy Rants
Crazy cute girl alert! Read my friggin thoughts, I say.
Lexington Avenue Local Karen Lee's WebJournal
rants, pensive contemplations, and other stuff
Broadway Express / Brighton Local Flying Vicar Musings
The Life of a New York Doll
Lexington Avenue Local Phat Cat Capsizing
My rantings, my ravings, my life in a nutshell. Come on in! And leave me comments!!! I love those. :O
Lexington Avenue Local Mrs.Parker
life as it appears to be lived, neither bloody nor bowed... yet.
Lexington Avenue Express Gallery 10:00
A photo blog of sorts.
Queens Boulevard / Broadway / 4 Avenue Local Nuggets
Technology, social issues and random thoughts but not what I had for breakfast.
Lexington Avenue Local divestar!
Arts and entertainment, sans the annoying sociopolitcal commentary.
Lexington Avenue Local atmaspheric | endeavors
multi-tasked stream of consciousness
14 Street - Canarsie Local Back to Iraq.com
A Site that offers original reporting on Iraq and Kurdistan, and my experiences there.
Lexington Avenue Local swoovie.com
My life of work and play and other things in the day.
Broadway Express / Brighton Local Ideapad
Essays, observations, humor, links and commentary.
Lexington Avenue Express Matthew Yglesias
Hawkish atheist fundamentalism and the occassional musing on metaphysics.
Lexington Avenue Local Research by Glamour Geek
fashionably intelligent style advice
Lexington Avenue Local Moodlighting
Private Thoughts - Public Blog
Lexington Avenue Express Tokyowildcat
The life and mind of a very ....... cat.
Lexington Avenue Local The Darmody's Homepage News
A young couple's homepage
Lexington Avenue Local WallyWho?
Joys and Troubles in life
Queens Boulevard / Broadway / 4 Avenue Local Tara's Journal
I will treat you right.
Lexington Avenue Express betseeee knits!
Mostly about my knitting, with plenty of gratuitous personal stuff because I just can't resist.
Astoria / Broadway / Sea Beach Local VANADIA
You get a story a day from this bass playing, multimedia storyteller.
Lexington Avenue Express jschuur dot com
Blogger in the computer games industry. Expatriate New Yorker, returning some day, enjoying the Californian sun.
Astoria / Broadway / Sea Beach Local A Day in the Life Of...
A journal of the events of my day; a way to keep in touch with friends and family outside of New York
Astoria / Broadway / Sea Beach Local Asian-Actor.com
The continuing journey of the an Asian Actor going through the tribulations of succeeding in "the business" and NYC/NJ life in general. Updated every 2 weeks. =)
Astoria / Broadway / Sea Beach Local loudNOTES
Up to the minute information about one of NYC's hottest Poetry Slam venues.
Lexington Avenue Express spondooliks
infrequently really lame writing, boring content. it's more of a blob than a blog :)
Lexington Avenue Local a day at waldenpond
you never know what you might encounter while walking through the woods at waldenpond
Lexington Avenue Local Hand in Socket
Media analysis and synthesis. Don't put your tongue in a socket. The taste of power is too refined for you.
Astoria / Broadway / Sea Beach Local whatever-whenever
Original essays on my life in New York City, as well as links out and around the web.
Lexington Avenue Local The Illuminated Donkey
On the left side of the Hudson, sneaking through the Holland in the dead of night on an EZ-Pass-enabled donkey, The Donk makes you feel proud to be living under Eastern Standard Time.
Lexington Avenue Local metamorphosis @ frostymoss
metamorphosis of a small town girl trapped in new york. Reflections and self-realization, writing heals a place to hear my own thoughts above the noise and bustle of the city.
Astoria / Broadway / Sea Beach Local The CounterRevolutionary
Restoring liberalism by purging it of: 1. The hypocritical socialist-based politics of hate and division; 2. Anti-Americanism spawned by Soviet-era propaganda; and 3. Unyielding and murderous idealism.
Astoria / Broadway / Sea Beach Local blogaritaville
an assault on Big Content
Lexington Avenue Express The Invisible Hand
Beacuase it's better to get pissed off than pissed on.
Lexington Avenue Local CATCHDUBS
If the Strokes were gangsta rappers (with impeccable taste in sneakers) who watched far too much television...
Astoria / Broadway / Sea Beach Local anthony's weblog @ CityCynic.com
anthony. nyu student. journalist. web designer. funny guy. the life of a new yorker who doesn't know when to quit.
Astoria / Broadway / Sea Beach Local More Than Donuts
Rants, raves and daily confessions on everything from donuts, Girl Scouts gone bad, unemployment, music, Lindbergh, phone sex and answers to such mind bending questions as 'Can a Yak, yak?'
Lexington Avenue Local TixGirl
The best part about seeing concerts for a living? I get to practice what I preach. I'll keep you posted about my fave artists going on tour, when you can get your hot little hands on tix, and who really lives up to the hype and proves themselves worthy live.
Lexington Avenue Local Queen Bee of the Cubicles
Chronicling my attempts to survive daily exposure to office politics, corporate decadence, and the general superficiality of the Beauty-Industrial Complex.
14 Street - Canarsie Local She Told Me That I Was a Cheechako
A photoblog authored by a former New Yorker currently living in Alaska

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